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Lycoming College junior passed actuary exam on first attempt

Junior at Lycoming College, Hannah Saar, who passed the actuary F exam on her first try.
Lycoming College
Lycoming College
Junior at Lycoming College, Hannah Saar, who passed the actuary F exam on her first try.

Jersey Shore native, Hannah Saar, passed where most don’t. The exam has a 42.5 percent pass rate. Saar overcame a career obstacle by passing the actuarial probability exam, administered by the Society of Actuaries.

Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty.

Saar knew early on that she wanted an education based in mathematics. She had briefly considered a career as a math teacher. After discovering that teaching wasn’t for her, she switched her focus to actuarial science. She is double majoring in science and mathematics and minoring in economics.

“The classes here at Lycoming are more demanding and I struggled to adapt,” Saar said.

She was able to make connections with faculty, turning things around. Next year she’ll take two additional actuarial science classes. They will prepare her for exam FM, also administered by the Society of Actuaries.

"Since transferring to Lycoming, Hannah has shown immense growth and ability to overcome adversity by stepping outside of her comfort zone. Her phenomenal work ethic is what has enabled her to pass exam P on her first attempt,” said Mike Smith, coordinator of the actuarial science program, assistant professor of mathematical sciences and chair of the department. “Hannah will be well-positioned to pass the financial mathematics exam next year and is on a solid path toward a successful career as an actuary."

After graduating, Saar’s goal is to begin a career as an actuary on the West Coast.