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BBC World Service delivers breaking news and information programming around the world, in English and 28 other language services, on radio, TV and digital. Via the BBC’s network of international correspondents, BBC World Service is the comprehensive source for the day’s major breaking global news, as well as arts, sports, science and business coverage. In the U.S, BBC content - mainly news and current affairs programming, including its flagship global program Newshour, broadcast on local public radio stations. For more information, visit bbc.com/worldservice.

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  • Donald Trump urges Americans to unite in the face of wickedness after he survives an assassination attempt at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. We consider the implications for the election campaign and ask how the gunman was able to get so close.
  • Donald Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. US secret service agents rushed on to the stage to protect him. He appeared to have blood on his ear and was taken away by car. A spokesman for Mr Trump's campaign team said he was fine and undergoing medical checks.
  • When listener Sophia decided to donate a kidney to a stranger through a domino transplant scheme, her teenage daughter Katie objected. But years later, Katie decided to do the same - inspired by the chain of goodness her mother started, and the joy of meeting organ recipients at the transplant games. Also: Big Ocean - the first K-pop band whose members all have hearing impairments. As the Paris Olympics approach, we look back at the amazing story of two athletes who chose to share gold in Tokyo. Wild horses return to Kazakhstan for the first time in over two hundred years, thanks to a zoo breeding programme. The innovative system helping grow crops in arid regions with less water. And the children who got to perform at London's famous Royal Opera House.Our weekly collection of happy stories and positive news from around the world.
  • President Joe Biden's re-election campaign is under intense scrutiny amid questions over his age. Also: children killed in Nigeria school collapse, and the first British post box with the King Charles III cypher.
  • There's more concern in the US, but mirth in Moscow. Also: the head of Japan's navy resigns over a series of scandals including the mishandling of classified documents by staff, and scientists return to the wreck of the Titanic for the first time since the Titan submersible disaster - but this time it will be robots making the dive.
  • The US President, Joe Biden, who is under intense scrutiny amid concerns over his age, held a high-stakes news conference in Washington. Also: the Israeli defence minister has called for a state inquiry into what led to the Hamas attacks of October the seventh last year, and are you an early bird or a night owl?
  • Beijing denies it is prolonging Russia's war in Ukraine describing them as smears. Also, a Russian human rights activist compares the country's judicial system to Nazi Germany, and a pair of astronauts stuck in space look on the bright side.
  • The outgoing Nato secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said the alliance also pledged a minimum forty billion dollars of military aid to Kyiv over the coming year. Also: the Hollywood actor George Clooney has become the latest high-profile Democrat to urge President Biden to drop his bid for re-election, and we look at the latest backlash against mass tourism in Europe.
  • Israel has told all residents of Gaza City to evacuate- the second time they've had to leave the biggest city in the territory. It comes as indirect ceasefire talks resume in Qatar.Also in this podcast:NATO leaders meet in Washington for a second day, with Ukraine defence at the top of the agenda.Scientists discover traces of toxic metals in tampons and another joke from American TV show 'The Simpsons' is coming true.The Global News Podcast brings you the day's top stories from BBC News, covering world events, politics, culture and more.
  • Ukraine is high on the agenda at the three-day summit in Washington. In his opening remarks, President Biden pledged more air defence systems for Kyiv. Meanwhile Democratic party politicians have held meetings over concerns about Mr Biden's fitness for re-election. Also in this podcast, a Russian court issues an arrest warrant for opposition figure Yulia Navalnya, the trial of actor Alec Baldwin begins in New Mexico, and how Denmark is encouraging tourists to go green.
  • UN to discuss Russia's bombardment of children's hospital. School students in South Korea to receive suicide prevention education. Officials investigate China tanker cooking oil scandal. We report on Australia's strict visa rules regarding disabilities. And human rights groups warn of increased attacks against gays in Ghana.
  • Joe Biden has faced ongoing questions surrounding his ability to carry on as president, after his recent debate performance. Now, he's written to Democratic lawmakers, calling for unity and reassuring them he has the ability to run against Donald Trump. Also on this podcast: NATO condemns a Russian airstrike on a children's hospital in Kyiv, a Kenyan doomsday cult leader goes on trial, plane-maker Boeing faces more safety concerns, and a painting in Sydney depicting Jesus as a cartoon character causes a stir.