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Call the Doctor Podcast
New Episodes Every Wednesday

Call the Doctor is a health care series broadcast by WVIA, now available as a podcast. The show features a panel of top medical and health care professionals informing viewers about important and relevant health issues.

Latest Episodes
  • How can you live with allergies, especially this time of year?
  • Any time somebody is playing a sport or even exercising, injury is a risk.
  • Dermatologists say they are finding more melanoma than ever before.
  • We'll discuss some common balance issues and methods of helping you find your footing
  • A certain amount of stress is normal, but too much over time can lead to issues & symptoms
  • We all get digestive issues from time to time. But there are those whose symptoms are much more severe than that. Some people deal with poor digestion every single day, and that can affect their lives in many different ways. We'll talk about some of the more common stomach and intestinal issues, when to worry and what you can do if this describes you or someone you know.
  • Parkinson’s disease affects the nervous system, and therefore the parts of the body controlled by the nervous system. Symptoms can start slowly, but the disease is progressive, and there is no cure. We wanted to ask the experts to explain what happens when someone has Parkinson’s Disease, and maybe more importantly the best ways to live with it. Parkinson's Disease on Call the Doctor.
  • We discuss common vascular diseases, how they’re found, and how they’re treated
  • Tinnitus, according to Harvard Health, is ringing or other constant noise in your head.
  • There are many different types of lung disease and there are even different types of lung cancer. We will take a look at some of the more common lung ailments in the region, how they’re diagnosed, and how they’re treated.