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Call the Doctor Podcast
New Episodes Every Wednesday

Call the Doctor is a health care series broadcast by WVIA, now available as a podcast. The show features a panel of top medical and health care professionals informing viewers about important and relevant health issues.

Latest Episodes
  • We discuss common vascular diseases, how they’re found, and how they’re treated
  • Tinnitus, according to Harvard Health, is ringing or other constant noise in your head.
  • There are many different types of lung disease and there are even different types of lung cancer. We will take a look at some of the more common lung ailments in the region, how they’re diagnosed, and how they’re treated.
  • It’s important to listen to your doctors when it comes to treating injury or illness. But nutrition can certainly play a role in how healthy we are and how quickly we recover.
  • Every 23 seconds, someone is diagnosed with a form of diabetes. That’s a statistic from the American Diabetes Association. As common as that is, hearing that you or a loved one has diabetes can be scary. But medical professionals are teaching people all over our area how to manage and successfully live with different types of the disease.
  • What to expect, and how to get the best experience out of your therapy
  • Winter is typically high time for viruses and other infections. The past few months, we had not only flu and COVID to worry about – but an unusually active RSV season as well. This episode is meant to give great information we can all use right now about the “usual” illnesses we see this time of year, how they spread, what to worry or not worry about, and what parents need to watch for in children