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Member Day at the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour & Anthracite Heritage Museum

Go down in history with WVIA each November!
WVIA Member Day at Lackawanna Coal Mine

November 4th and 5th, 11th and 12th
WVIA will be hosting our annual Fall Member Days for our active members and guests at the Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour and Anthracite Heritage Museum.

Check In

Member Check In is from 10AM to 2PM sharp each day.

Member Check In is located in the lobby of the Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour, the first gray building on the left. At check in, members and guests will also receive an admission pass for the Anthracite Heritage Museum located at the very top of the hill in the beige brick building.


Registration information will be emailed to the email listed on your account. Each link is only valid for one use.

You can print your tickets OR show them on your mobile device for entry. If you have any difficulty or have not received the email, WVIA Staff will be on hand at the event to assist you.

Quick Facts

The temperature in the mine is 53° year round. Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended.

The descent down the slope takes 3-4 minutes. The walking portion of the tour is approximately a 1/2 mile and lasts one hour.

The mine is handicapped accessible with some restrictions. A handout has been prepared for the hearing impaired who are not accompanied by an interpreter. Please call or e-mail for specific limitations on accessibility.

Please visit the Coal Mine website and museum website for respective additional

Please note that this event is subject to change at any time. Visit WVIA.org for regularly updated information.

If you have specific questions, you can contact WVIA at 570-602-1110 or email us at members@wvia.org.

Someone from the Membership Department will return your call or email during normal business hours and provide you with additional information.

We look forward to seeing you at the mine!