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Keystone Arts

  • Murals are one type of public art and are intentionally available to all.
  • We'll ask the WVIA radio hosts to share favorite memories and talk about how they engage, educate, and inspire the audience.
  • We ask regional film festivals how they choose and what we can learn about filmmaking
  • From paintings to poetry, movies to music – artists use sports and the people who play them as subjects for literature, visual art, movies, and more. Keystone Edition: Arts asks what we learn when we look at sports through a creative lens.
  • The spark of creativity can happen at any age; for some artists, their best work occurs when they are older. Keystone Edition: Arts will ask what changes for artists as they age, what benefits come from being creative while growing older, and more.
  • How can theatre companies attract more diverse cast members and audiences?
  • Trains played an essential role in Pennsylvania's history and continue to fascinate today.