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WVIA receives five 2023 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards

PITTSTON, Pa. – WVIA has received five 2023 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) Awards for programs in three categories.

WVIA received two PABs in the Outstanding Documentary Program 2023 category for Agnes 50: Life After The Flood and VIA Short Takes: 201.

WVIA also received two PABs in the Outstanding Television Public Affairs Program/Program Series 2023 category for Keystone Edition Reports: Agnes 50 and Mind Over Matter: You Are Not Alone.

In addition, WVIA’s George Graham has been awarded the Radio Broadcaster of the Year Award.

“To be recognized by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters for the work that we do is always an honor,” said Ben Payavis II, Chief Content Officer at WVIA. “The work that received awards this year tells the stories of our region, and we are proud to share them with the world.”

“WVIA creates programs that ask hard questions and dig deep into their subject matter,” said Carla McCabe, WVIA President, and CEO. “We are honored that these programs are being recognized, as they highlight the stories and people of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania while maintaining the high quality that our viewers and listeners have come to expect from WVIA. Something that our own George Graham, who is also being recognized, has been doing for our region for decades.”

Agnes 50: Life After The Flood, VIA Short Takes: 201, Keystone Edition Reports: Agnes 50, and Mind Over Matter: You Are Not Aloneare available to watch anytime, on-demand at wvia.org as well as on the PBS and WVIA Apps.

The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters endeavors to promote collaboration between radio and television broadcast station owners, managers, and staff across the Commonwealth. We assist our member stations in serving their communities, audiences, and advertisers through FCC licensed free over-the-air broadcast program operations.

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, please visit https://pab.org.

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