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Homegrown Music
Tuesdays at 9pm

Homegrown Music with George Graham presents a wide range of rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, reggae, World Music, fusion, etc., in short, all the types of music that Mixed Bag presents, with new studio sessions from the region's finest and most creative musicians. The emphasis is on all-original material, or highly original interpretations of old, obscure, or seldom-heard music. Each show features a different performance, with occasional encore broadcasts from the series' nearly 40-year archive.

Full concert audio for select performances can be found here.

Due to the pending storm, the Wednesday, January 25th Homegrown Music Concert has been postponed. Stay tuned to wvia.org in the coming weeks for an announcement about a new date.

Our January concert features the band Water Street plus singer-songwriter Brenda Fernandes.
  • Dan Masterson. Singer-songwriter-pianist Dan Masterson has released two EPs and two full-length albums, which attracted attention and airplay nationally. This is an encore of Masterson’s debut Homegrown Music session from 2014, spotlighting his appealing original songs performed on the WVIA Steinway piano.
  • Gingermon. Tim Gandee, a/k/a Gingermon is a reggae artist of Irish descent, who in 2019 released his band’s debut album Baked to Perfection. This encore features the band’s debut on Homegrown Music with a batch of great original, danceable music, with performances often taking a different approach than their album.
  • Hillbilly Water. An energetic bluegrass trio featuring two of the members of the New Jersey band and frequent Homegrown Music guests Cosmic American Derelicts, the group performs mostly original music, both vocal and instrumental. This is an encore of their 2007 studio session.
  • The Badlees. One of the most popular and long running bands in the region, The Badlees recently announced a series of reunion concerts. So we go into the archive for an early but first-rate session from 30 years ago, from 1992, the first of several appearances the band has made on Homegrown Music over the years.
  • Drew Kelly. Scranton area singer-songwriter Kelly returns for a new set of original music performed in a solo acoustic setting.


Generally, a performer must has no less than 20 minutes of completed music to be considered to be part of Homegrown Music. The ideal length is about a half hour, with the maximum length of just under an hour. (Longer segments can be broken up and broadcast on two different programs.) The length of each song thus determines how many tunes would be involved. Submit a physical demonstration recording on CD (or even cassette) to the following address: WVIA-FM, George Graham - Homegrown Music, 100 WVIA Way, Pittston, PA 18640-6197. The sound quality of the recording is not important, as long as all the instruments and vocals can be heard. Homemade recordings or recordings made from the mixing board at a live show are fine. Include what you feel is representative of the music you wish to perform on Homegrown Music, and the recording should preferably include all the personnel you hope to use during the studio recording session. You may include a large selection of songs, or just a few if you feel they accurately represent your style, level of musicianship and creativity. Be sure to include an e-mail address or phone number at which you can be reached during the evening.

If you wish to check on your demo's status, phone (570) 602-1165, during weekday evening hours. Because of the huge proliferation of music and bands on the internet, there is no guarantee that sending a link to a website will result in an audition. To ensure that the music will get a fair hearing, please send a physical recording to the above address.