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The Hotel Problem/Another Hotel Problem

Season 2 Episode 24 | 26m 41s

Bellhops Peg and Cat help famous guests find their rooms in the luxurious Addison Hotel. / It's a crazy night at the Addison Hotel! The clowns are sleepwalking, the pirates are flooding the hallway, and bellhops Peg and Cat are covered with chickens.

Aired: 08/09/17
The Friday the 13th Problem/Another Train Problem
Peg and Cat drink chocolate milk and learn about composting.
Peg and Cat agree to help Ramone grow an awesome garden - by helping to collect compost.
Peg and Cat hear about an arch hidden in a cave - and decide that they should go find it!
This time on Amazing People: Cleopatra's camel, Epidermis!
Peg, Cat and Mom are playing Hide and Seek.
Peg and Cat finally find the Lost Arch...but then The Arch Villain steals it!
The Pirates are digging for treasure - but dig up the Neighbor Ladies flowers too.
Peg and Cat discover that their world has no background! Good thing they brought crayons.
Even though they can draw any place they want, where Peg and Cat want to be most is home!
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Peg and Cat host an awards show. / Peg's hat shrinks in the dryer!
The Pirates dig up Peg's neighborhood. / Peg takes out crayons and creates her own world.
Peg and Cat learn how to compost. / Peg + Cat go in search of the Lost Arch.
Peg and Cat call everyone they know to save the earth from a planet-sized Pig's behind.
Jesse fears that his Mom will love him less if she gets married. /Treats are being swiped!
Peg and Cat are intergalactic superheroes./Peg must present the silliest song in the land.
Pig leaves the farm to join an opera./Cat hires a Mariachi band to serenade his true love.
Peg's grandparents and their goats disagree on music. / Peg and Cat search for umbrellas.
Peg and Cat need to catch tiny tricksters. / Peg and Cat summon Robin Hood.
Peg and Cat dance with Misty Copeland! / Cat chases his favorite ball to different beats.