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Support FAQ and Contact Us

Need help? Find answers to many frequently asked questions and connect with our team.


What are the benefits of a WVIA Membership? 

We’d like to think that the greatest benefit of becoming a member of WVIA is that you can proudly say you’re helping to support your local public media station.

Of course, we also have special membership benefits like free admission to WVIA Member Days at Knoebels, Montage Mountain Waterpark, the Lackawanna Coal Mine and Anthracite Heritage Museum, and Ski Days at Elk Mountain and Ski Sawmill. .

As a member, you’ll receive access to PBS Passport, our digital streaming service that allows you to access thousands of hours of your favorite programming.

You’ll also be eligible to enroll your children or grandchildren in the WVIA Clubhouse. Lastly, you will enjoy a 15% off at the Shop PBS store.

We are always working to optimize and add even more perks of membership to thank our members for their contributions and to support our local community partners.

Please note that these special membership benefits are subject to change at any time with or without notice.

How do I become a member of WVIA?

To become a member of WVIA, simply make a donation to our station each year.

To Donate Online:

Make a donation using our secure online form.

To Donate By Phone:

To make a pledge supporting TV 1-800-326-9842.
To make a pledge supporting Radio 1-877-700-9842.

To Donate by Mail:

Mail a check payable to WVIA to the following address:

WVIA Membership
100 WVIA Way
Pittston, PA 18640

Please note that to access the PBS Passport streaming services, you must make a qualifying donation in the amount of $60 or more (or $5 monthly as a sustainer).

In addition, the number of admissions you will be entitled to for WVIA Member Days will be determined by the amount you donate each year and vary by event.

To enroll your children in our WVIA Clubhouse, you must make a minimum donation of $72 a year (or $6 a month as a sustainer) for 4 children or $120 a year (or $10 a month) for 6 children. Once you make your donation on wvia.org, you can enroll your children using our secure online form.

What does it mean to be a sustaining member?

A sustaining membership is an ongoing monthly donation to WVIA where your credit or debit card is automatically billed each month (or the donation is withdrawn from your bank account if you chose the EFT option, which we recommend).

Your sustaining membership will automatically continue year to year unless you decide to cancel or change it. As a sustaining member, you retain complete control over your account and can increase, decrease, or stop your ongoing monthly donation at any time.

Sustainers are crucial to providing an ongoing base of community support that we can rely on and sustaining memberships ensure a steady stream of revenue, so you can continue to enjoy the TV and FM programs you love.

What are the benefits of a sustaining membership?

Sustainers don’t have to worry about renewal notices, remembering to donate each year, or whether their memberships are about to expire.

Sustainers are entitled to one thank you gift per year if they desire to receive one.

Sustainers receive a tax statement each January..

Sustainers are eligible for special promotions throughout the year.

Sustainers provide one of our most important sources of revenue and save processing costs, reduce paperwork, and help to conserve station resources.

How can I convert my one-time membership into a sustaining membership? 

When you are ready to begin your monthly donation, simply make a donation online or over the phone and choose the “monthly sustaining” option.

To Donate Online:

Make a donation using our secure online form.

To Donate By Phone:

To make a pledge supporting TV 1-800-326-9842.
To make a pledge supporting Radio 1-877-700-9842.

How can I update my credit card or bank information for my monthly sustaining gift?

To update your payment information, fill out the Payment Method Update Form or call us at our toll-free, 24-hour hotline at 800-985-1334.

We also encourage our sustaining members to consider the electronic funds transfer (“EFT”) option of payment, which enables your monthly donation to be withdrawn directly from your bank account. This option can help to lower WVIA's processing costs and reduce the risk of future payment failures through a direct deduction from your checking or savings account.

How do I cancel my monthly sustaining membership?

We hope you will continue to support us but if for some reason you need to cancel, you may do so anytime.

Please contact our Member Services team by emailing members@wvia.org or calling us at 570-602-1110. Please leave a voicemail message with your name and address and someone will confirm your cancellation during business hours.  

Note: If you have made a pledge for a thank you gift in the amount of a monthly donation and must cancel before your pledge has been fulfilled, we ask that you kindly return the item to our station at 100 WVIA Way, Pittston, PA 18640.  

What is your mailing address?

If you’d like to make a donation by mail or return a thank you gift, you can direct your donation or item to the following:

WVIA Membership
100 WVIA Way
Pittston, PA 18640

How long does it take to receive a thank you gift?

The majority of our thank you items are shipped directly from our third party vendors. It typically takes 4-8 weeks to receive your gift(s), though it may arrive sooner depending on availability of the specific item.

Do I have to make a new pledge to request a thank you gift?

Sustaining members are entitled to one thank you gift (valued in accordance with the amount of their donation) per year if they so request one.

If you are a monthly sustaining member and you have not chosen a gift with your pledge for the past year and would like to request one, please call Member Services at 570-602-1110 or email members@wvia.org.

How do I select a thank you gift?

If you visit our donation page, you can browse our TV and FM thank you gifts. If you hear something during our fundraising campaigns, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to get your gift. Please call Member Services at 570-602-1110 or email members@wvia.org.

Can I see the details of my current sustaining gift online?

At this time, we are unable to display the details of your giving history online. If you have questions about your membership, please contact our Member Services Team at 570-602-1110 or email members@wvia.org for more information about your current or past support.

When is my renewal due? Why am I receiving early renewal notices?

Most non-profit organizations mail renewal notices to avoid lapses in your membership and other complications. This helps us to ensure a steady stream of supportive revenue.

Your membership anniversary is 12 months from the date of your last contribution. We typically send the first renewal reminder four months in advance of your anniversary date to allow plenty of time and opportunity to renew your membership on your preferred timeline.

If you wish to limit the amount of physical mail or email you receive from WVIA, please call Member Services at 570-602-1110 or email members@wvia.org.

I renewed my membership but still received another renewal notice. What happened?

Our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion if you receive an erroneous renewal notice. Due to ongoing processing and mail delays, it is not unusual for a payment and a renewal notice to cross in the mail. There is no need to contact us. If we received your payment, your account has been or will be renewed and you should not receive any additional notices. If you still have concerns, please feel free to contact us at 570-602-1110 or email members@wvia.org.

I no longer wish to receive mail or other marketing communications from WVIA.

We’re sorry to see you go, but if you would no longer like to receive communications from WVIA, please email us or call us at 570-602-1110 and we will honor your request. Please allow 8-10 weeks for your request to take effect and you may still receive additional communications during that time.

I did not receive my membership card. How can I obtain one? 

WVIA no longer issues physical membership cards to our members. You do not need to use them for WVIA Member Days. Instead, you will receive an email in the weeks prior to each of our events with detailed information and a unique link that will enable you to make a reservation and/or download tickets to our events. As always, WVIA staff will always be present at our events to assist with any issues and you may also use your old membership card.

How do I update or add an email address to my membership account? 

If you would like to update or add an email address to your membership, please email us at members@wvia.org and provide your full name and mailing address so we can update your membership.

What is your legal name and Federal Tax ID number?

Our legal name is Northeastern Pennsylvania Educational Television Association and our Federal Tax ID (EIN) is23-1663603. To learn more about WVIA, visit our website. WVIA is also proud to have received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator.

I want to find out if you will air a show I am interested in on any WVIA-TV channel.

Browse the Shows: On-Airpage to review our TV schedule. If the show is not on the list, it is not currently scheduled. You can check the list periodically to see if it appears.

How do I get tickets to WVIA Member Days?

All active members who made a qualifying donation of $40 or more are invited to our member days. The amount you donate each year will determine the amount of tickets/passes you will receive for each event.

If you are an active member with an email address on file, you will receive an email invitation at least 2 weeks prior to the Member Day with information on how to register for the event and print or save your tickets.

If you do not receive this email, please contact 570-602-1110 or email us at members@wvia.org.

WVIA is always present at all Member Days and if you did not receive your admissions, please just come right to the event and we will be happy to assist you and look up your membership there.


Am I eligible for PBS Passport?

WVIA Passport is a membership benefit available to all donors who contribute a minimum of $60 per year or an ongoing $5 monthly sustaining donation.

As long as you provide a valid email address when you make a donation, you will receive an automated email with Passport activation code and instructions.

I did not receive my Passport Activation Code when I made my donation. How can I activate Passport?

It may take up to 3 hours to receive your PBS Passport activation code. If you still do not receive it, please:

  1. Check your spam folder, or
  2. Use the Passport Member Lookup tool to have your activation code resent.

If you are still having problems, please contact our dedicated Passport Helpline at 1-844-532-9842 which is available from Monday - Friday 10am - 11pm EST or email members@wvia.org.

I am trying to stream a WVIA Passport video, but it will not play or it says the video is not available.

Please report the problem to help@pbs.org.

There’s a show I would like to see in WVIA Passport, but it isn’t available.

Many WVIA and PBS shows are available on Passport, but not ALL shows are there. This is because we must legally own streaming “rights” to the show. If the show is not available on PBS Passport, the owner/distributor of the program has not granted the rights to us, so we are prohibited from offering it to you by law.

I am a WVIA member without a WVIA Passport code (my giving level is $60 or more annually or $5 or more per month), but I am not sure if I have an account or login. How can I check?

First, use the Member Lookup Tool.

You may also email us at members@wvia.org or call 570-602-1110 to have an activation code sent to you. Please note that to activate Passport, we must have a valid email address on file for you.

How do I download the free PBS Video App?

You can learn more about downloading the free PBS Video App by clicking here.

How do I download WVIA Passport to a device?

Please follow these instructions provided by PBS.

  1. How do I log into my Passport account on my Roku device?
  2. How do I sign in with my Passport account on my Amazon Fire TV or Android Smart TV?
  3. How do I log into my Passport account on my Apple TV?
  4. How do I log into my Passport account on my Samsung Smart TV?

If you still need help, try the PBS Passport FAQ page.

You can also call the dedicated PBS Passport Help Desk at 1-844-532-9842 (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.).

How can I get a schedule of your TV programming?

Our online schedule offers the most up to date program listings. WVIA no longer offers print programming guides.

WVIA Clubhouse (Formerly known as the Passport 2 Fun Program)

What is the WVIA Clubhouse?

The WVIA Clubhouse is a special program for kids ages 12 years old and under. As a member of the WVIA Clubhouse, your child will receive a Clubhouse Explorer booklet (previously known as a Passport 2 Fun program) that will allow them to get FREE admission with at least one paid adult to various participating venues in the Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania area. Please visit our website to learn more.

As a member of the WVIA Clubhouse, your child will also receive a bi-annual newsletter with activities and invitations to special Clubhouse events throughout the year.

If you are an area attraction looking to learn more about participating in the WVIA Clubhouse Explorers program, please email members@wvia.org.

Are my kids eligible to participate in the WVIA Clubhouse?

All members who make a qualifying yearly donation of $72 or more (or a minimum of $6 a month as a sustainer), are eligible to enroll their children in the Kids Clubhouse. Donate now to become a member.

How do I enroll my children in the WVIA Clubhouse? 

We are so excited to welcome you and your family into this special program designed exclusively to help educate and excite your children and connect them to local resources in our community.

To enroll your children in the WVIA Clubhouse, please fill out this form.

If you donated $72 a year ($6 a month as a sustainer), you may enroll up to 4 children in the program.

If you donated $120 a year ($10 a month as a sustainer), you may enroll up to 6 children in the program.

If you are unsure about the amount donated or if your membership is current, do not worry. Just fill out the form and we will verify the information and contact you if we have any questions.

When will my children get their WVIA Clubhouse Explorer Booklets?

Once you become a member and enroll your child in the WVIA Clubhouse, you will receive a packet in the mail with your Clubhouse Explorer Booklets.

WVIA Clubhouse Explorer Booklets are sent out periodically throughout the year and are valid for one year from the date they’re sent.

Sustaining members will receive new WVIA Clubhouse Explorer booklets each year.

Please note that WVIA Clubhouse Explorer Booklets are not needed or accepted at WVIA Member Days at Knoebels, Montage Mountain Waterpark, Lackawanna Coal Mine, and Ski Days. All members (adults and children) are invited to these events and you will receive an email with detailed information on how to register and receive your free passes to these special days at least two weeks prior to the event.

WVIA Vehicle Donation 

If you’d like to learn more about donating a vehicle to support WVIA, please call us toll-free at (877) 500-9842 or complete our online form.

WVIA Page Turners Book Club

The WVIA Page Turners Book Club is a virtual club that meets to discuss quarterly books that connect to PBS and NPR programming.

The book club is free and open to all and welcomes new participants anytime. You do not need to be a member to participate, though many participants chose to contribute to keep great programs like this going.

If you do want to make a donation of $40 or more, we would be happy to send you a copy of our latest book selection as our thank you.

For more information on the WVIA Page Turners, please visit our website, joinour Facebook group, or email pageturners@wvia.org.

How do I become a member of the WVIA Insider Society?

Insider Society members are philanthropic investors that give $1,000 or more annually to WVIA’s unrestricted operating fund. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a WVIA Insider Society member, click here or contact Jen Kindler, Director of Major Gifts at 570-602-1128 or at jenkindler@wvia.org.