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Secondary Audio Programming

Are you missing sound on your favorite WVIA show?

Are you hearing WVIA Radio while watching the Create channel?

If so, you likely have activated Secondary Audio Programming (or SAP) on your television or cable box. Secondary Audio allows us to broadcast descriptive audio for the visually impaired, but not all programs have this audio. When that happens there will be silence, but only on the SAP channel. In order to get normal sound back, you’ll need to adjust your television or cable box so that you can hear your favorite program once again.

Unfortunately, there is not a single way to find or adjust this setting as it varies with each television or cable provider.

In this case your television or cable box’s audio language is set to “Spanish” instead of “English”

If you watch WVIA through Comcast Xfinity, please refer to this troubleshooting guide.

Things to look for to correct this issue:

  • A button on your remote control that says “SAP” “DVS” or “Audio”.  Usually pressing that twice will return the audio back to the English audio channel.
  • If you are using a cable box, satellite receiver, or streaming service (YouTube TV), the setting may be in your settings application on the device or app.  Go to the settings and look for “Audio Setup” or an Audio tab.  Somewhere in that menu may be an option for audio language.  Again, you would normally want “English” or “Audio 1” selected.
  • If you cannot locate the setting on your remote control or through the settings menu, please consult with your instruction manual for Audio language settings or contact your cable or satellite provider.

If you are still stuck, please call the WVIA Engineering trouble line and leave a message, somebody will return your call to help you get normal audio back. 570-826-6144, option 4.