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Arthur aims to foster an interest in reading and writing, to encourage positive social skills, and to model age-appropriate problem-solving strategies. The show chronicles the adventures of eight-year-old Arthur and explores issues faced by real kids.
Ages: 4-8
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Social and Emotional Growth, Language and Literacy

Arthur meets Mychal the Librarian, who helps him find his lost library card.
Arthur, Buster, and D.W. record a podcast, 'Bionic Bunny and The Battle of the Universe!'
Arthur and his class are shocked when they discover that Mr. Ratburn is getting married.
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Mr. Ratburn is getting married! / Arthur and Buster feud over a video game.
Muffy and Francine are convinced that Binky cheated. / Brain makes a time capsule.
Mr. Ratburn isn't acting like himself./Muffy fears Bailey may be replaced!
D.W. wants to join Arthur's sleepover. / Arthur tries to stay up until midnight.
Arthur has trouble training his new puppy. / Arthur will do anything for new moon boots.
April 9th begins like any normal day, until a fire forces Lakewood Elementary to close.
One of the Tibbles twins gets sick. / Arthur and the gang create their own music videos.
D.W. and Arthur use a thesaurus for name calling. / Arthur finds a mysterious key.
Mister Rogers stays at Arthur's house. / Fern draws an unflattering cartoon of Francine.
D.W. wants to take her imaginary friend on a trip. / Arthur loses a library book.
Arthur and his class are shocked when they discover that Mr. Ratburn is getting married.
Muffy is determined to win the cookie competition at this year’s Strawberry Festival.
When a kale smoothie spills all over Arthur’s brand-new sneakers, he gets angry.
Arthur wants to go to the pirate-themed amusement park: Dead Man’s Cove.
Fern's been feeling low and no one can figure out why.
It’s the hottest school day of the year and tempers are even hotter!
LaDonna tries to help Francine get ready for Elwood City’s Earth Day Rally.
Something's up with Mr. Ratburn! He doesn't seem to understand Buster, Brain, or Arthur.
Arthur and D.W. want to prove to their parents that they can be left home alone.
D.W.'s even crankier than usual so Arthur and Francine try to figure out why she's so mad.
Arthur needs Elwood City's help to break a world record!
What could paw-sibly go wrong when Arthur starts a pet sitting business?
Arthur wants to win the new Crunch Cereal Jingle contest! He just needs a good idea.
Elwood City is due for a new holiday, so Arthur and his friends pitch their some ideas!
Francine is really mad at Arthur. Can she forgive him when they get locked in the library?
Arthur's nervous when his parents say they're having a new baby! Will she be another D.W.?
Arthur and Buster's friendship gets icy after they start a snow shoveling business.
Buster needs to identify his secret admirer after they send him a box of chocolates.
Arthur and his friends must rally together to save their favorite series of spooky books!
Arthur's participating in the school-wide spellathon. But will he be up to the challenge?
Binky spends a day as a reporter./Bud and Rapty revisit the case of the missing snowball.
George learns how to talk to adults. / Arthur and friends go to see a silent movie.
Muffy helps Francine deal with the death of her Bubbe./Arthur makes his vacation more fun.
Buster learns about keeping secrets. / The gang gets a hint of what the future could hold.
Arthur is worried that his life is boring. / Buster's mom goes through a breakup.
Arthur worried that his day will be boring./Grandma Thora is not so great of a cook.
Can Francine be nice for a week? / A rumor earns Arthur an unearned reputation.
George volunteers to create a piece of art./Arthur has a temper!
D.W. meets Hana, who is much older and totally cool!/Buster thinks teachers have it easy.
When Mrs. McGrady is diagnosed with cancer, Arthur and his friends all react differently.
The Arthur Podcast is back with a third season!
Arthur, Muffy, and Pinky create brand new dance video so that they can go viral!
Mr. Ratburn gives Arthur, Buster, and Francine advice on staying calm when they’re feeling
Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card! Sing along to this iconic tune.
Mr. Ratburn gives Arthur, Buster, and Francine advice on staying calm when they're worried
Tune in to the Arthur podcast on 10/20!
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