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ChefSteps is here to make you a better cook. Drawing on our years of combined culinary experience, we create hands-on online classes and original recipes that are both informative and entertaining. We don't tell you how to sharpen your knife or make macarons from scratch, we show you. Whether you're a home cook, a professional chef, or just love watching cooks work, we can help you cook smarter.

Incredibly versatile, these little canoes take less than hour to make and suit any sauce.
Look like a sushi pro with this guide to making perfect nigiri at home.
Wow your friends with three sushi classics: futomaki, uramaki, and hosomaki.
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Incredibly versatile, these little canoes take less than hour to make and suit any sauce.
Here’s a tender, moist, gluten-free chocolate cake even gluten lovers will devour.
The perfect one-bite dish: porky filling and rich broth wrapped in paper-thin dough.
Think giving up gluten means giving up croissants, palmiers, and napoleons? Think again!
Yes, you can bake a professional-looking pizza crust in your home oven.
These pro pizza-making tips will have you tossing custom pies in no time.
Make sweet, fresh soy milk at home—with just two ingredients.
Hint: It’s free, it’s easy, and it’ll also heal a broken heart.
Here’s how to whip up tender, smoky ribs at home—wherever home is to you.
A crisp, earthy dessert that will delight your gluten-free friends—and everyone else.
Want silky-smooth frozen yogurt without that eggy flavor? Try this.
Don’t like tofu? We bet you do. Just wait ’til you try the good stuff.
Save your summer faves now, and you’ll have bright, crunchy fruits and veggies all winter.
One of the most intimidating brunch recipes just became the easiest.
Make bacon even better. Yes, it’s possible.
Grill up perfect burgers every time, no stress required. Here’s the secret.
Your step-by-step guide to making dough like the pros.
Here’s how to throw the epic medieval feast you never knew you needed.
Wow your fellow Game of Thrones fans with this over-the-top feast centerpiece.
All the velvety texture of hollandaise, with half the fat.
Try this two-step trick for painlessly whipping up elegant matchsticks on the fly.
Learn to use a mandoline correctly, and you’ll save serious time in the kitchen.
No, it’s not traditional, but it’s fun, flavorful, and crazy quick.
It may be thousands of miles to the tropics, but island-worthy drinks are one step away.
Like canned mandarins, but fresher and juicier—and almost as easy.
Perk up a fish sandwich with this rich, nutty twist on aioli.
Imagine the best Peking Duck you’ve ever had. Now imagine you made that duck—and at home.
Can we come up with a recipe for squeaky cheese curds almost as incredible as Beecher’s?
Dreaming of Momofuku’s steamed buns? Make them at home with this streamlined recipe.
Master a leg of lamb that will win over everyone at the table—picky eaters included.
A smooth, creamy, pistachio-flavored riff on Nutella.
Three paths to crispy, flavorful pork: the easy way, the fast way, and the best way.
Learn the four fundamentals of gumbo, then put your own spin on this savory stew.
Add some star power to your dinner with this movie-style ratatouille.
Light and spongy, devilishly decadent, and dark as a moonless midnight.
A no-fail, easy-to-remember method for roasting any type of vegetable to perfection.
Master the predictably perfect steak dinner with this surprisingly easy technique.
Impress your family—and yourself—with chewy, springy, malty-yeasty bagels from scratch.
Making fried chicken can be stressful, but with sous vide, it’s foolproof and fun.
A dense, sweet-and-salty cake starring dates and whiskey-spiked toffee.
Make plump, perfectly seasoned rice ready for whatever delicacy you want to top it with.
These beautiful braided twists may just be the perfect pasta.
Liven up your pasta repertoire with these little Sardinian bundles of joy.
Here’s how to ensure your next filet mignon is worth every penny.
Dry chops? Never again. Here’s how to have crispy, juicy pork every time.
Move over, chicken nuggets. These crispy morsels use nothing but wholesome chicken thighs.
Here’s how to cook the flavor-packed fish so that it never ends up pale or dried out.
A foolproof technique that breathes new life into the weeknight chicken dinner.
When oysters are good, they’re very, very good. Here’s how to make sure each one’s a gem.
Learn the oyster-shucking tricks of the pros.