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A-Maze-Ing Day/Pet Sitting Service

Season 6 Episode 2 | 24m 55s

Pinkalicious, Peter, and Kendra explore a hedge maze, but the way out may be more difficult to find than they thought. / When Pinkalicious and Peter open up a pet-sitting service for the town, they discover that a lot of pets can be hard to handle.

Aired: 02/11/24 | Expires: 06/21/24
The Pinkertons go on a family vacation roadtrip!
The Beigertons love the color beige just as much as the Pinkertons love pink!
The Pinkertons go on a road trip to all the Pink Wonders of the World.
The Pinkerton family take a wrong turn and end up in Beigeville.
Betty and Bob show the Pinkertons the Beigeville Crystal Caves.
Mommy shows off her brand new invention: the Pinkamazemobile!
Pinkalicious and Peter meet new friends, Betty and Bob Beigerton.
Pinkalicious learns a new move in karate./The school experiments with googly eyes.
Kendra and the gang learn new dances./ Iris joins the soccer team in a new role!
Pinkalicious and Peter meet a real knight. / The Pinkertons switch bodies for a day!
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Norman just can’t seem to find his special talent./Tidy Tim helps Pinkalicious tidy up.
Pantonio is unveiling a new Color of The Year/Toothy McSquint needs to learn table manners
Pinkalicious and Peter cheer up an unhappy parrot. / Peter learns the art of camouflage.
Pinkalicious and Peter make things grow big! / Pinkalicious attends an art exhibit.
Pinkalicious makes a new friend. / Pinkalicious and Peter pretend to be spies.
Can Pinka and Jasmine's friendship be re-woven?/Mommy’s latest invention goes haywire!
Pinkalicious and Peter decide to make a movie./Peter borrows Daddy's polaroid camera.
Peter wants to become a great magician. / Pinkalicious and Peter are too excited to sleep.
Peter builds the tallest block tower ever! / It's Mother's Day!
Pinkalicious hosts a Princess of Pink slumber party. / Pinkalicious dog sits.