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Wilkes-Barre band debuts album produced in-house

Andrew Blank, Gavin Jacobs, Derek Nowak andf Eric Novroski make up 'So Much Hope, Buried.'
Sarah Novroski
Andrew Blank, Gavin Jacobs, Derek Nowak andf Eric Novroski make up So Much Hope, Buried.

The members of So Much Hope, Buried. rehearse and produce music in a professional recording studio located in a backyard in Luzerne County.

Eric Novroski, the drummer in the band, is a record producer and the owner of Novro Studios. He produces music for various artists in the studio he built behind his home in Swoyersville.

“I’m extremely fortunate to do this for a living, and not only to do it for a living, but to do it in my backyard,” Novroski said.

The release of their first album, “I’d Be Lying to Say I’m Not Weak,” marks an exciting time for the self-sufficient group. Novro Studios was built just in time for the band to produce their own album. Novroski's wife Sarah makes their music videos.

Sarah Novroski produces music videos for the band So Much Hope, Buried.
Courtesy of So Much Hope, Buried.
Sarah Novroski produces music videos for the band 'So Much Hope, Buried.'

The band formed in 2020 and rebranded about a year ago.

“The band took quite a change in stylistic approach,” Novroski said. “We used to have a lot of screaming in our music, and we used to be classified as melodic hardcore.”

So Much Hope, Buried. was previously a hardcore metal band, and now they are more partial to the rock genre.

Andrew Blank, who plays guitar and sings, is also a member of Send Request, a pop rock band.

Gavin Jacobs, the bass player, is the most recent addition to the group. He is also in the band Escape Artist, described as “melodic deathcore.”

“I really like working with a really organized band,” Jacobs said. “I can tell the amount of effort and care that went into this record.”

Novroski is also drummer and singer in the metalcore band Toothless.

Derek Nowak sings and plays piano and saxophone.

The track "Idle Hands" is an example of the way the band experiments with musical genres.

“It’s a very dark song... It’s very classical. And during the climactic part at the very end, we added this saxophone solo that fits perfectly, and then what’s really unique about it … is that there is a jazz section after that. So it goes from hard rock to jazz. And I think that’s the beauty of our band. We can mesh genres and have fun with it.”

The album, "I'd Be Lying to Say I'm Not Weak," is out today. The band will perform an acoustic set at Abide Coffeehouse May 18 at 6 p.m. The album release show will be May 25 at River Street Jazz Cafe starting at 8 p.m.

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