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The reunion is just the beginning of an incredible new journey – one that is filled with joy but also brings challenges. How easy is it to build a relationship after a lifetime apart? We’ll find out.

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Revisit people whose lives have been changed forever to find out ‘What Happened Next?'
Revisit a woman looking for her father and one looking for her birth mother and sister.
Revisit three stories of women who were determined to track down a family member.
Revisit three stories of women who had spent years searching for a loved one.
Revisit three stories of women reunited with siblings.
Catch up with two families who have been transformed in ways they couldn’t have imagined.
Follow three families who have faced challenges building their new relationships.
Revisit three stories of siblings brought together after decades apart.
Revisit three people whose reunion has transformed their lives in this episode.
Revisit people whose lives have been changed in ways they could never have imagined.
This episode catches up with two extraordinary stories of reunited siblings.
In this episode we follow three stories of sons coming to terms with the past.
Follow reunited siblings as they investigate a family mystery.
Catch up with three families whose lives were transformed in ways they never imagined.
Catch up with three women whose lives have been changed in unexpected ways.
Revisit three families separated by extraordinary circumstances in this episode.
Catch up with three searchers who came to us desperate to find their parents.
Revisit three searchers navigating new relationships and complicated feelings.
Catch up with two women whose searches took us to opposite sides of the globe.