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My Way: Bomba!

Season 50 Episode 1 | 2m 45s

Visit Eva Nicole and Bombazo Dance Co. in the Bronx to learn about Bomba, a traditional Puerto Rican dance! See how Bomba was created, how dancers make music by twirling colorful Bomba skirts, and learn the special names of the drummers.

Aired: 02/21/24
Alma and her family visit Puerto Rico.
Jordan shows us how to breakdance, her way!
Alma distracts Junior from learning a dance./Alma wants to celebrate Chacho’s birthday.
Alma tells everyone Howard is moving./Alma tries to make art from recycled materials.
Alma and her friends must vote. / Alma’s lemonade stand serves too many drinks.
Emi won’t stop acting like Alma. / Alma tries to run the world’s longest race.
Howard looks for a drum for the drum circle./Alma and Junior try to earn toy tickets.
Alma and friends build the "world's longest race" obstacle course!
Emi dresses up like Alma, and they perform tricks and a dance for Howard and Rafia.
Alma is all done playing "The Two Almas" game, but Emi won't stop playing.
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Alma lands a starring role in a musical. / Alma and Harper have a playdate.
Alma speaks up for her design vision./Alma chooses between a baseball game and Bomba show.
Alma and Uncle Nestor get lost on the subway. / Alma meets her new neighbors.
Alma has to choose a best friend. / Alma helps Junior find a lost toy.
Alma tries to help Mami fix the mofongo. / Alma takes her sports rivalry with Eddie too fa