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A young Daniel Tiger is joined by his friends O the Owl, Katerina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina. Together, through imagination, creativity and music they learn the key social skills necessary for school and for life. Ages: 2-4 Educational Goal: Social and Emotional Growth

A song about how you can find surprises wherever you are!
Lyric finds art in surprising places!
Daniel imagines he has a pizza making machine that can make all kinds of different pizzas!
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Daniel learns friends like different things./Jodi learns others like to play differently.
Daniel finds many surprises on his walk./Daniel gives his neighbors a surprise!
The Neighborhood celebrates Dr. Anna and Baker Aker’s wedding!
Daniel is feeling a little nervous for his first trip to the hospital.
Daniel is unsure about a new babysitter. / O the Owl is unsure about a sleepover.
Miss Elaina wants a bandage that’s just right. / Chrissie and her friends make a ramp.
Daniel's class meets a substitute teacher named Mr. Malik and learns different can be fun.
There are times to be silly and times to be calm.
Daniel visits Dr. Plat, his new dentist. / Daniel gets his first haircut.
Juan Carlos visits Daniel's neighborhood. / Daniel asks Juan Carlos what he wants to do.
Daniel is upset at school pick-up./ Daniel wants to stay with his mom on a class trip.
Daniel and Dad help Prince Tuesday at the market./Daniel is excited to plant flowers.
Daniel learns how to take turns./Daniel and Miss Elaina take turns playing at the pool.
Daniel and Max learn how to ask./O the Owl is worried about joining his friends.
Miss Elaina loses her mitten./Prince Wednesday loses his comic book outside.
Grandpere sleeps over. / Daniel has a tea party with Chrissie and Prince Wednesday.
The Neighborhood celebrates Dr. Anna and Baker Aker’s wedding!
Daniel plays in Miss Elaina’s obstacle course./Daniel and O put on a magic show.
Mr. Malik teaches the children about hermit crabs./Daniel and Katerina play in the snow.
Daniel makes Miss Elaina a birthday gift./Daniel appreciates his gift from Grandpere.
Miss Elaina wants a bandage that’s just right./Chrissie and her friends make a ramp.
Daniel is worried when Mom Tiger hurts her arm./Jodi worries when she loses her stuffie.
Jodi tries ballet for the first time./Daniel tries making his own snack with Grandpere.
Daniel goes to day camp./When it rains at day camp, Daniel makes a tie-dye shirt.
Daniel is unsure about a new babysitter./O the Owl is unsure about a sleepover.
Daniel can't use his toy float at the pool. / Daniel can't visit Ducky.
Daniel spends some time at the pool, learning all the rules.
Daniel and his friends are setting up a lemonade stand./Daniel forgets his lunchbox.
Margaret is getting more attention than Daniel. / Prince Tuesday visits from college.
Stop and show that you are listening.
Daniel and his friends have to leave school early because there’s a big snowstorm.
Daniel and O play in O's treehouse. / Daniel and Miss Elaina bake pretzels at the bakery.
Daniel and Mom Tiger have a picnic. / Daniel helps make dinner at the Platypus house.
Prince Tuesday is moving away to college./Grandpere has to leave and gives Daniel a photo.
Daniel is feeling a little nervous for his first trip to the hospital.
Daniel can’t wait to show Margaret the things they can do to celebrate Thank You Day!
Daniel learns to do things all by himself. / Daniel learns to swing.
Daniel gives Margaret his old rocking chair. / The Royal Family donates used books.
Jodi asks Daniel if he likes to be squirt with water at the beach.
Janae learns how to make pizza at a pizza shop!
Daniel asks Prince Wednesday what topping he wants on his pizza.
A song about how sometimes we like different things, so we can ask friends what they like!
Prince Wednesday is surprised to find colorful rocks that Daniel made!
Daniel imagines he can find all different rock shapes!
Mr. McFeely wants to show us how he likes to take slow walks in the Butterfly Garden.
A family plays games together and puts them away when they're done!
When it's time to go out and play, Miss Elaina can't find her mittens!
Daniel wants to draw a heart for Mom, but he can't find his red crayon!