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Gardening with the Masters

Season 10 Episode 1007 | 26m 46s

Noted author of Weedless Gardening, Dr. Lee Reich has perfected the art and science of making great compost, and he’s known for another specialty - growing unusual fruit. Dig into some of the other pursuits of this sought-after garden authority and learn tips for successfully growing fruit. This episode also features a segment from the iconic Mohonk Mountain House.

Aired: 09/04/19
Distributed nationally by American Public Television
Spend a day with a pruning guru and learn some tips to take the fear out of pruning.
Former NFL player Jason Brown discusses learning to farm.
Visit a historical Chicago victory garden where growing food is also growing communities.
Exposing children to gardening at a young age can transform their lives in positive ways.
Recipes for successful container gardening no matter how small or large the space.
A behind-the-scenes look at the personal and TV garden of host Joe Lamp’l.
Examples for success and beauty in foodscaping - or landscaping to include edibles.
Not all seeds are created equal! Learn how to choose the perfect seeds for your garden.
See what gardeners across the country are doing to nourish their communities.
Grow your garden and expand your knowledge through propagation techniques from experts.
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