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Devils on Horseback, Part 1

Season 4 Episode 1 | 48m 07s

Margaret persuades Crabbe to join her for a day the races, but their day off turns into a murder investigation when the body of a stable hand turns up. Was he the victim of a dangerous love triangle, or was something more sinister going on?

Aired: 10/05/22
Armed robbers raid Pie in the Sky and Crabbe takes it upon himself to investigate.
Is someone covering up after a string of suspicious racing accidents?
The owner of a local Chinese restaurant is attacked. Can Crabbe solve the case?
Crabbe is put in charge of the new Public Duties Squad and Pie gets an unwelcome visitor.
Crabbe butters up a prickly witness to testify against her gangster husband.
Crabbe must investigate who sabotaged the police canteen celebration lunch.
Crabbe and PDS protect the jury during a fraud trial; Sally gets rid of a slimy customer.
While his wife is away, ACC Fisher’s teenage daughter causes trouble.
Pie in the Sky’s trout supplier’s new fiancé has gone missing. Is there foul play?
Pie in the Sky receives a rave review and customers are queuing at the door.
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Pie in the Sky receives a rave review and customers are queuing at the door.
Crabbe has to determine if a psychic medium is truly being threatened.
Crabbe and Lefebvre are on the hunt for two con women, the Coverly sisters.
Crabbe investigates a series of murders involving a local murder squad.
Crabbe investigates a spate of burglaries in Middleton.
Crabbe steps in to help a cantankerous food writer against her greedy nephew.
Kit Kelly comes to Middleton with her new husband, sexy ex-pat American Byron de Goris.
Crabbe is dragged onto Operation Grabbitback to help recover stolen cars.
Pie in the Sky regular, Charles Rider, is threatened by DCI Doggett.
Crabbe teams up with the National Horticultural Division after a spate of garden thefts.