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Hacker's Birthday Bash

Season 15 Episode 4 | 26m 20s

Buzz sets out to throw the best birthday ever for Hacker. Nothing but the finest food, decorations, and music will do! There’s just one problem—Buzz’s plans will cause way too much pollution! Delete brings in the CyberSquad to help.

Aired: 05/02/24 | Expires: 07/19/24
The CyberSquad gets tiny and joins a cyber-amphibian's epic adventure to a vernal pond.
Dodging massive raindrops and falling pinecones, the CyberSquad looks for Frances.
The CyberSquad discovers that tiny cyber-amphibians can do many things humans cannot!
At last, the amphibians reach the vernal pond, but surprises continue for the CyberSquad.
How does a cyber-frog cross the road? Jackie and Digit are determined to find out!
The CyberSquad rescues Frances and continues the migration to the vernal pond!
Play the new game Cyber Sound Quest on PBSKIDS.org or the PBS KIDS Games App!
Surf’s up! The CyberSquad catch a giant wave and continue their journey to stop Hacker.
Hacker tries to stop the CyberSquad from cracking his code.
Safely back on land, the kids and Mimi climb Penguia Peak to find what Hacker is hiding.
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The CyberSquad head to Dancing Water Springs to watch a super geyser!
The CyberSquad gets tiny and joins a cyber-amphibian's epic adventure to a vernal pond.
Hacker steals a cybersite’s precious fungi, while a new critter steals his heart!
Digit takes on Hacker in a high-flying adventure to protect Big Dune beach!
Meet Matt's family and journey through Sportagonia for a Mother's Day to remember.
The CyberSquad investigates a noisy problem in Botsberg. Can they quiet things down?
Something’s causing chaos in Dingerville & Inez must share her bedroom with her sister.
It's too hot in Factoria. Can the CyberSquad help beat the heat and save the flower show?
A green haze is heating up Stellandia. Can the CyberSquad and Bernice find the source?
Hacker está calentando Stellandia. ¿Puede el CyberSquad detenerlo?