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Martha is a lovable family dog with the power of speech. She helps children understand words in everyday conversation, teaching up to 20 different words in each show.Ages: 4-7 Educational Goal: Social and Emotional Growth, Language and Literacy

Martha gets a job as the vet's assistant. / Carolina starts a local newspaper.
Martha and the gang play their new video game during a winter storm.
Helen tries to convince Martha to wear the sweater Lucille made for her.
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Martha gets a job as the vet's assistant. / Carolina starts a local newspaper.
Martha tries to rescue a family of kittens in a blizzard. / Wagstaff City loses power.
Martha tries to prove that sweaters and dogs don't mix./TD spots a familiar dinosaur toy.
Helen wants to know why T.D. has a tomato on his shirt. / Martha is speaking in questions.
Alice tells a strange story. / Who will prevail in a clash between buccaneers and royalty?
Martha has a taste for Shakespeare. / Martha stumbles upon a scoop for the paper.
The Bookbots struggle to get back in shape. / The dogs help clean Grandpa Bernie's garage.
T.D. tells Martha he's "too busy" for April Fools' Day./A new pooch is scaring local dogs.
Martha smells a trap when T.D. is "too busy" to pull any pranks on April Fools' Day.
A ferocious new pooch has local dogs' fur on end. Can anyone neutralize this bully's bark?
Martha and Skits inadvertently turn Lily's little mess into a really big one!
T.D. gives a report. / Martha and Skits turn Lily's little mess into a really big one!
A TV-obsessed duck is back and making trouble. / Sheep get lost on the way to a festival.
Martha starts doing impersonations. / Martha tries out the Courageous Collie Carlo Collar.
Martha takes pity on mice she is chasing away. / Martha tries to prove dogs' innocence.
Stanley's obsession with movies gets on Truman's nerves, but will his smarts prove useful?
Truman and his cousin Stanley prevent a robbery./Milo makes up his own game so he can win.
When the family says no to a new puppy, Martha trains a baby to act like one instead!
Martha trains a baby to become a puppy. / Heroic Helen spies on TD.
Everybody seems to have a different recollection of what happened at the last Kickup game.
A TV producer asks Martha for help with a pitch. / Everyone searches for the Kickup ball.
Martha and Skits become Puppy Tooth Fairies. / Martha's sad when Helen goes to art camp.
Martha and Skits set out to fill a pressing need... as tooth fairies for dogs!
Skits may have been a time-traveling puppy!/ Milo and Truman try to save a fossil exhibit.
T.D. is determined to answer the age-old question of strength: bulldozer or dinosaur?
T.D. brings a dinosaur to life. / The Wagstaff Dogs look to Carolina as their new coach.
Another Martha is lost. Can Martha helps? / Martha has to lose some weight.
A woman named Jennifer loses her dog Martha--can Martha help her find Martha?
Martha helps at Tio Jorge's market./Martha and friends try to save Burger Boy from closing
When Tio Jorge leaves town, Martha offers to run his market. Is she up to the challenge?
Martha digs into her past to uncover the reason she and her mother were separated.
Martha searches for her long-lost canine siblings./ Martha searches for her mother.
Martha turns to Professor Monkey for a new adventure. / Carolina wakes up as a dog!
Carolina goes to sleep, only to awake as... a dog!
The Announcer is still at large, but the Bookbots have a secret weapon: adjectives.
The Announcer is using nouns to wreak havoc on Wagstaff City!
The Bookbots are back and faced with a new nemesis: The Announcer.
Martha is Verb Dog, a literacy superhero. / Pablum and Weaselgraft make trouble.
Martha meets former poet laureate Billy Collins.
Former poet laureate Billy Collins guest stars. / Milo gets nervous reading aloud.
T.D. tells Martha about his latest case.
Martha defines the word "appealing".
Martha defines the words "dignified" and "undignified".
The kids brainstorm ideas for how to clean up the litter in the park.
Helen defines the word "sluggish".
Martha and Skits meet Grandpa Bernie's neighbor, Candy.
Martha describes the difference between "elderly" and "youthful".
The Bookbots are lazy now that they don't have any crimes to solve.
Pablum is the new question mark maker at the soup factory.
Helen defines "punctuation".