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Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by our viewers - and we make house calls! The series features some familiar faces, including Kevin O'Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and landscape contractor Jenn Nawada.

Lee installs shade-tolerant sod; Ross discusses heat pumps; Kevin builds a side table.
Nathan installs a shade sail; Mark repairs a walkway; Celebrating Atlanta landscapers.
America’s most trusted home improvement team hits the road again
Funding for ASK THIS OLD HOUSE is provided by The Home Depot.
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Jenn visits a rose garden in Portland; Nathan replaces tiles; The team review comments.
Ross discusses IAQ; Mark repairs an antique firebox; Tom and Zack Dettmore organize tools.
Ross wires a smart thermostat; Mauro shares deck staining tips; Mark cleans a stone patio.
Lee restores a garden bed; Celebrating painter Stephanie Young; Heath installs a bath fan.
Mauro paints a dark room; Mark and Richard discuss wet basements; Tom builds a bat house.
Jenn improves a garden with a new shade pattern; Richard gives a tour his new HVAC center.
Jenn and Nathan install a rain barrel; Mark installs a drain; the team shares new tools.
Richard installs radiant heating; Nathan talks cable railings; Jenn reviews the USDA map.
Lee installs shade-tolerant sod; Ross discusses heat pumps; Kevin builds a side table.
Nathan installs a shade sail; Mark repairs a walkway; Celebrating Atlanta landscapers.
Jenn learns about firescaping; Tom fire hardens a home; Richard learns about goat weeding.
Lee removes invasive plants; Mark discusses chimney caps; Richard installs a bidet toilet.
Mauro paints wood paneling; Lee shears shrubs; Nathan builds a daycare mud kitchen.
Heath labels a circuit breaker; Tom shares his hobby of lathe turning and turns a bowl.
Richard troubleshoots a shower with no hot water; Jimmy DiResta makes a leather tote bag.
Mauro paints over graffiti; Ross discusses radon testing; Nathan installs closet shelves.
Nathan converts a window into a backdoor; The cast discusses house-hunting dealbreakers.
Heath discusses generator options; Jenn builds a worm farm; Mauro paints a front door.
Lee talks winter prep; Richard shows a water heater; Tom builds a miter saw station.
Jenn creates a rain garden; Ross explains moisture meters; Mark installs a railing.
Mauro whitewashes an outdoor bench; Tom repairs a double pane window.
Heath installs a generator transfer switch; Mark fixes a faulty brick lintel repair.
Nathan builds a utility cover; Mark removes stubborn creosote from a brick fireplace.
Ask This Old House celebrates Lee Gilliam; Lee and Jenn refresh an eroding sloped yard.
Heath installs patio string lights; Mauro color matches a retro kitchen cabinet.
The team helps a local Girl Scout troop rebuild a community garden.
Nathan mills a slab of an old red oak and teams up with Tom to turn it into a bar top.
Heath installs a circuit; Richard fits a fireplace insert; Tom explains table saw safety.
Tom replicates a homeowner's spiral-detailed spindles for their Queen Anne Row staircase.
Richard troubleshoots a leaky shower; Mark repairs flagstone steps.
Richard troubleshoots a tub that runs cold; Tom and Kevin build a set of cornhole boards.
Jenn plants a garden; Mark cleans hardscaping; Tom patches a wood floor.
Jenn plants a sun and shade garden; Tom talks downspouts; Mark engraves a granite post.
Ross insulates an attic; Richard talks irrigation repairs; Mark paves a parking spot.
Richard installs a new gas oven; Ross meets with an expert to discuss solar EV chargers.
Mauro paints a brick fireplace; Tom and Kevin build a bathtub tray.
Jenn explores wetlands; Ross demonstrates IAQ; Mauro paints a foundation.
Nathan organizes a shed; Richard explains furnace service calls; Mark installs a walkway.
Heath troubleshoots a flickering dimmer switch; Tom builds a DIY-friendly clothes rack.
Tom repairs an 1880s window; Mauro talks paint finishes; Mark and Jenn install a firepit.
In Season 14, Ask This Old House crew is hitting the road
In this episode, we help two homeowners with disabilities make their homes more accessible
Tom Silva & Kevin O'Connor help Boston Marathon bombing victim Karen Rand.
To celebrate 300 episodes, the guys look at some goofy moments from the past 12 years.
To celebrate 300 episodes, the guys look back at some of their best moments.
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