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Hit the road in a classic car for a tour through Great Britain with two antiques experts as they search the local stores for treasures, competing to see who can turn a limited budget into a small fortune. Their adventures take them off the beaten path and allow them to indulge their passion for the past, learning about the little-known stories behind some of the greatest events in British history.

A very old and rare padlock, plus a trip to a spa.
A 1940s fairground collectible and a silver egg cup with a royal connection.
In Scotland, French candlesticks, an Italian paperweight and old farm troughs.
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A 1930s necklace and a miniature croquet set. Plus a nighttime rowboat escapade.
A broken but rare piece of silver. A discovery next to a coffee machine.
Dutch dishes, a Scottish Wemyss ware jar and a passion for garlic during WWII.
A doggy antique appraiser, aeronautical items and cricket in a shop full of china.
A 200-year-old Regency ornament and Victorian anatomy molds.
An iridescent alligator, jewelry, and a very, very long Victorian ruler.
A very old and rare padlock, plus a trip to a spa.
Something gold and gaudy. A mid-century kitchen appliance. An item with gruesome history.
Irita Marriott spends on porcelain and Mark Hill invests in mid-century Italian ceramics.
An old clothes rail, more Dutch Delft and an auction in a former courtroom.
Margie Cooper is charmed by a spaniel while Ochuko Ojiri lands a bargain birdcage.
In Worcestershire, Victorian kitchen gadgets and a piece of 1970s modern art.
Margie Cooper makes a big profit from oak while Ochuko Ojiri’s silver leaves him shaken.
The last auction in Leicestershire--will Catherine Southon or David Harper be victorious?
It’s a feisty reunion in Kent for Road Trippers Catherine Southon and David Harper.
A trunk filled with silver and an early 20th century mbira are in the final auction.
A 1940s fairground collectible and a silver egg cup with a royal connection.
A rare blue duck, Hungarian porcelain, a penny farthing and pretty earrings.
Will a shoe shaped pin cushion or a 1970s motorbike sell for the most at auction?
Broken pineapples, legless glass ladies, mystery board games and an antique pub table.
A portable Victorian loo, a toy lion and three unhappy bears.
Along the Scottish Borders, a fish service, a sandwich box and a silver kettle.
Rare first edition books, watercolors by local artists and delicious homemade scones.
An unexpected bidding frenzy at the final auction in Wales.
In Scotland, French candlesticks, an Italian paperweight and old farm troughs.
South Wales hosts James Braxton and Izzie Balmer and their 1970s two-seater sports car.
Margie Cooper and Tim Medhurst find a rare African antique on the Isle of Man.
Margie Cooper and Tim Medhurst find a rare jug and a Roman shoe as they explore Cumbria.
A treasure on a bus for Charles Hanson and Dutch tiles for Natasha Raskin-Sharp.
Natasha Raskin-Sharp learns about a Nigerian prince and Charles Hanson bakes a cake.
In Yorkshire, a gamble buy makes a fortune at auction.
Charles Hanson and Natasha Raskin-Sharp’s trip has a silver poodle and a bronze lizard.
Tim Medhurst and Margie Coopers’s travel to the Lakes where they find carp and diamonds.
James Braxton and Izzie Balmer hunt for antiques in Snowdonia National Park in Wales.
James Baxton and Izzie Balmer’s final outing includes cute dogs and magpie tendencies.
James Braxton and Izzie Balmer’s jaunt around Wales turns up tramp art and bamboo.
Mark Hill and Roo Irvine find a bonbon dish, colorful glass and more in the Highlands.
Natasha Raskin-Sharp and Charles Hanson start their antiquing in Northumberland.
It’s the second day with Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott, beginning in Northamptonshire.
Raj Bisram and Irita Marriott head to Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds for antique treasures.
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