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Let's Go Luna! follows the adventures of three friends – Leo, a wombat from Australia; Carmen, a butterfly from Mexico; and Andy, a frog from the U.S. – as they traverse the globe with their parents’ traveling performance troupe, “Circo Fabuloso.” At each of the Circo’s stops, Luna the Moon guides the trio as they get to know the local region and its people.

The gang visits San Francisco.
Luna and the kids visit San Francisco.
The gang visits Kingston, Jamaica.
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The kids visit Port Royal, Jamaica!
The gang visits San Francisco.
The gang visits Kingston, Jamaica.
Luna and the kids visit San Francisco.
Luna and the kids visit London!
In Croatia, the kids learn about Tesla coils and Andy is recruited into a dance group.
In Croatia, Andy thinks his dad is a caveman. / Carmen spends time with her grandpa.
The kids learn about movies and chase a hot air balloon in Paris.
The gang is in Switzerland.
Luna & the kids visit Beijing.
Carmen seeks a spooky piper in a haunted castle./Leo must stop his dad's performance!
Andy creates a piñata and won't let anyone break it./Carmen attends a dance lesson.
Andy searches for a legendary juggler!/Leo taps into his inner Maori warrior.
Leo competes in a tango contest!/Carmen's Circo act gets messed up as her uncle naps.
In Switzerland, Leo sleep-yodels and Andy’s St. Bernard friend must rescue Señor Fabuloso.
In Edinburgh, Scotland, Andy explores his heritage and Leo hunts the Loch Ness Monster.
In Samoa, Leo learns how to crack a coconut and Carmen appreciates the Maulu’ulu dance.
In Buenos Aires, Andy helps a paleontologist. / Carmen wants to be a gaucho.
In Tokyo, Andy helps a lost pet./Andy wants super robot powers.
Leo wants to attend a traditional school. / Andy learns the history of the 4th of July.
Andy learns about quilting in Boston. / Carmen writes and sings a sea shanty.
Leo learns how to make amazing buildings out of mud./Andy fixes Señor Fabuloso’s suit.
In Ghana, Andy helps a friend paint a sign./Carmen learns more about the city of Kumasi.
In Delhi, Fabuloso faces a nightmare at Gaja's party./Andy learns about kabaddi, a sport.
In Iceland, Leo is frustrated when he's ignored./The kids go to the Sea Monster Museum.
Leo wants to live like Vikings!/In Iceland, the Circo pitches a tent in the wrong spot.
Wrinkles is lost in Rome's spooky Monster Park / Leo sees being a big brother isn't so bad
Carmen wants to give Honey the finest pasta in Rome. / The Circo runs out of water.
Leo tastes a Durian. / Andy wants to play ball in Thailand.
The kids learn about the Khon dance and shadow-puppets in Thailand.
Luna's friend passes away. / Is New Orleans more Spanish or French?
In Peru, Luna has to return a skirt. / Senor Fabuloso looks for Machu Picchu.
In Nairobi, the kids go in search of a way to cheer the Circo up. / Andy goes on safari.
In Barcelona, Carmen is asked to play at the Castells. / Leo helps a baby rock thrush..
In Juneau, Andy and Luna create a totem. / Andy wants to explore a glacier.
The kids search for the Potato King. / In Cusco, Carmen finds the joy of music.
In New Orleans, Carmen learns about Jazz improvisation. / Leo meets his pen pal.
Señor Fabuloso has lost his creativity. / Carmen makes a new friend in Barcelona.
In Juneau, Leo's nervous around wild animals. / Carmen looks for a book for her mom.
Leo looks after an orphaned baby elephant. / The kids take care of a farm for a day.
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Luna and her friends are on their way to the castell competition in Barcelona.
Carmen needs help from her friends so she can help Ramona climb the castell.
Leo introduces his friends to Eva, a small bird who is trying to get home.
A Spanish folktale about a very small boy named Patufet.
Eva, who's still learning to fly, gets help from Leo to return home.
Andy and Luna really want to tell Carmen and Leo their story, but can't find the words.
Andy and Luna use their totem pole to tell their story to their friends at the Circo.
An Alaskan folktale about a woman who raised a bear as her son.
Luna and the kids take a tour of the ice caves at Mendenhall Glacier.
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