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Art Museum

Season 1 Episode 10 | 3m 00s

Watt and his class paint a mural to beautify the city! To help him find inspiration, his art teacher, Ms. Easel takes Watt to the City Island Art Museum where he learns about an important community institution and various styles of art.

Aired: 01/22/23
City Island - Streaming Now!
Watt, Windy, Sally, and Piper volunteer at a dog shelter.
As research for a school project, Watt talks to Laney, a 300-year-old road in City Island.
Watt learns all about how airports work on his way to Movieville with his dad.
Watt and Windy learn about the rules they have to follow at the skate park to stay safe.
Watt and his friends make a flag for their club with help from the City Island Flag.
Watt and Windy learn about the post office with Carry the mail truck.
Watt visits Windy and her family in Skytown and learns about a new part of City Island.
Watt and Windy help Detritus who has gotten stuck in a tree in the park.
Watt and Windy go to the library for a book and learn about all the library has to offer.
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Watt receives a musical lesson about how City Island celebrates different holidays!
After bumping his bulb at the play park, Watt takes his first trip to the hospital.