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Dinosaur Train incorporates children's enthusiasm for dinosaurs and trains while educating children in scientific thinking, natural history, and paleontology. The show encourages children to explore questions, observations and conclusions.
Ages: 3-6
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science

Buddy and Tiny collect all the dinosaurs in the A to Z song in this DINOSAUR TRAIN special
The kids are off to Junior Conductors Academy in Laramidia!
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The kids are off to Junior Conductors Academy in Laramidia!
Don mistakes a shell for a rock and meets Adam Adocus. / Tank is a big brother.
The Conductor goes on a quest to bring his Dad home for Father's Day.
The kids meet a legendary bullfrog. / Dennis comes to visit.
Buddy goes on migration. / The Pternanodons have their own migration.
King and Crystal play at the Red Rock Amphitheater. / Dad's old friend visits.
The Conductor and Pteranodon family race underwater. / Buddy wants to fly.
Tiny wakes up feeling a little sad. / The kids are feeling “over-burdened” by chores.
Don needs a day for digging holes - a hole-iday! / Are all Mesozoic creatures dinosaurs?
The kids learn all about how Mom used to be a kid.
Gilbert has finally graduated to Cadet Conductor! / The kids want their own treehouse.
Are all dinosaurs gigantic? / Why do some dinosaurs have more horns than others?
Buddy discovers a new species!
The Pteranodon Family meets some strange creatures. / The kids find themselves in a cave.
Mr. Conductor takes the Pteranodon family on a very special journey.
Crystal and King learn that the Big Pond is being overfished!
Shiny is scared of a spooky tree. / Don wants to make a sculpture of Old Spinosaurus.
The Pteranodon Family goes to Lizard Island. / The family helps a beached Ichthyosaurs.
Mom takes Tiny, Buddy, and Don to Qianzhousaurus Pond. / Mom organizes a campout.
The Pteranodon Family swaps nests with Larry's friends./Tank's picnic spot is too crowded.
The Pteranodon family takes an adventure on the Dinosaur Train Riverboat!
The Pteranodon crew works together to decorate and prepare for the holiday feast.
The Pteranodons see Pangaea. / The Pteranodon Family sees a giant crater.
The Pteranodon family learns about waterfalls./ The Pteranodons look for a marine reptile.
Keira Chirostenotes babysits the kids. / Grandma and Grandpa help the kids plant saplings.
Tiny, Buddy, Cindy and Dad set out on a fishing trip/Dan the butterfly uses camouflage.
The Pteranodon kids meet the biggest frog ever./ Vlad takes everyone caving.
The Pteranodon kids meet Benny Beelzebufo, a giant prehistoric frog.
The Pteranodon family rides the Night Train to visit Vlad Volaticotherium's cave.
It's birdwatching and drawing day for Laura Gigantosaurus, but where are all the birds?
The Pteranodon family explores a new train, the Solar Train. / The kids meet a new bird.
The Pteranodon family explore the Solar Train and learn that it's powered by the sun!
Mr. Conductor takes the Pteranodon family to Cloudy Point Station to learn about clouds.
The kids plan a surprise birthday party for Mr. Conductor.
The Pteranodon kids throw a party for Mr. Conductor. / Buddy wonders "what are clouds?".
Carnivores and herbivores from the three time periods battle for the ultimate prize.
Fellow dinosaurs compete in wrestling matches. / Buddy and Tiny visit the Permian era.
Buddy and Tiny wonder what existed before the Triassic period.
Teams compete in an air, water and land contest. / The kids learn about the desert.
The Pteranodon kids learn that life in the desert isn't as dry and empty as they expected.
Watch Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island now!
The Pteranodon family goes to to Adventure Island, a new theme park on a volcanic island!
Thurston singing a song about the robot dinosaurs on the island.
The kids want to know how the robot dinosaurs work.
The family sings about following directions and making sure to stick together.
The Pterandon family and friends are on their way to Adventure Island.
Go to ADVENTURE ISLAND with the DINOSAUR TRAIN on April 12th
The Pteranodon family celebrate Father's Day at a picnic with Mr. Conductor.
Mr. Conductor decides to go to the future to find his Father.
Mr. Conductor finds his dad and brings him home.