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PBS Space Time explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth. Host Matt O'Dowd breaks down both the basic and incredibly complex sides of space and time.

To travel the stars without faster than light travel we’re going to need a generation ship.
Today we are jumping into a black hole. Again.
The Moon: humanity’s first destination beyond our atmosphere.
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To travel the stars without faster than light travel we’re going to need a generation ship.
Today we are jumping into a black hole. Again.
The Moon: humanity’s first destination beyond our atmosphere.
So how did humans figure out the solar system? Eclipses!
Is gravity just an emergent effect of entropy?
Is our 3-D universe is just the inward projection of an infinitely distant boundary?
What if aliens are deliberately keeping quiet for fear that they might be destroyed?
So what exactly is an EMP, and how dangerous are they?
The terrible singularity at the heart of the black hole may be no more.
Stephen Hawking's most famous prediction: the theory of Hawking Radiation.
We may have solved the mysterious origins of supermassive black holes in our universe.
Does antimatter fall down, or does it fall up?
Could cosmic voids be driving the universe?
Is there a black hole hiding in the core of the Sun eating it from the inside out?
What if we aren't the first technological civilization on Earth?
Many World’s lack wavefunction collapse might be the key to the measurement problem.
The holy grail of physics is a quantum theory of gravity. What if it’s not possible?
Alien life will most likely be discovered by faint changes in the color of alien sunsets.
The 2023 Physics Nobel prize has been awarded to three physicists for attosecond physics.
With the James Webb Space Telescope we’ve now seen the earliest star ever detected.
Some are arguing that Many Worlds and Pilot Wave are really the same.
What if we could produce superconductivity at room temperature? It would change the world.
We may need to build a radio telescope in the quietest place nearby - the moon!
Spacetime on its smallest scale is an ocean of black holes and wormholes...or so we think.
Did JWST just find a new type of star powered by dark matter?
Did we just uncover new evidence to support Cold Dark Matter?
The gravitational wave background has probably been detected using a pulsar timing array.
Let’s explore how constant this speed of light fundamental constant really is.
Dark matter may be a quantum mechanical wave that literally holds galaxies together.
Has AI proven that the proton is made of 5 quarks rather than 3 quarks?
Could we turn our solar system into a spaceship and drive the Sun around the galaxy?
How close is too close for supernova explosions?
If we want to see quantum weirdness with our eyes, we’ll need Bose-Einstein Condensates.
Could LIGO find alien spacecraft accelerating to near light speed?
How can we tell the difference between fermions & bosons? Statistical Mechanics!
Why has a newly discovered a black hole started pointing directly at us?
There’s a hard limit to humanity’s expansion in the universe. So, how big can we get?
Let’s figure out the absolute limit of our future view of the universe!
Let see if Black Holes and Dark Energy are the same thing!
Physics is the business of figuring out the structure of the world. So are our brains.
These stars may be the most massive stellar remnant just shy of forming a black hole.
Did all of dark energy just vanish?
Is our universe a definitive single reality? Can we even answer that question?
What might a budding Mars colony look like?
Primordial black holes may be lurking throughout our universe.
The can the Hubble Telescope tell us about the potential for life on Europa?
Let's settle the quantum entanglement once and for all.
Will self-replicating robots reshape our galaxy?
Many have tried to speculate about what the fate of the universe would be.