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Join the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure, while traveling to animal habitats around the globe. Ages: 6-8 Educational Goal: Science

The Wild Kratts gang stop Paisley and Zac from destroying the land to build their resort.
The gang try to catch-up to Backpack and Napsack, but they lose control of the Amphitrack
It's laundry day on the Tortuga.
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The Kratts try to name all the baby animals and learn more about their “creaturenality."
The gang travels to the Gobi Desert to find the last remaining wild camels in the world.
The bros become marooned in the world of the mudskipper, a fish that can walk on land.
When the Kratts get lost far from the Tortuga, they must embark on a long journey home.
While in his Squirrel Creature Power Suit, Chris gets caught and carried off by a red fox.
Martin and Chris learn about the incredible intelligence and ingenuity of the raven.
Chris challenges Paisley Paver to a race to decide the future of Goat Mountain.
The creature power suit tails are malfunctioning!
Aviva's plans get blown into an ostrich nest!
The gang wonders about life on other planets, so the Kratt Bros head to outer space.
The Wild Kratts want to learn why the coyote is so adaptable.
Chris sets up a massive cross country race in the North.
The bros are off on a mission to find as many colorful parrots as they can in the Amazon.
The Wild Kratts accidentally get miniaturized.
The bros think a really cool adventure would be to actually go find the real Easter Bunny.
Martin and Chris need to find a creature with amazing hiding powers - the stingray!
The Kratts team splits up to study monkeys.
Aviva, Martin and Chris go on an adventure in the Amazon rainforest.
The bros use hammerhead powers to collect their lost power disks.
While hiking in the Sonoran Desert, Martin comes across a "wolf hawk."
The Wild Kratts team searches for a fawn they helped a few years ago.
The Kratts get a call from a Kratts kid with an ocelot in his backyard!
Aviva makes a Flamingo Creature Power Suit but the colors don't work - the suits are white
The bros accidentally enlarge a Hercules beetle!
Martin and Chris learn about surviving harsh winters.
The Kratt brothers set out to experience the life of the bald eagle.
The Kratts are in the Tortuga when Martin spots something in the sky, a blue heron!
The Kratt bros learn about the grasshopper's amazing jumping powers!
Aviva challenges the bros to a fencing duel and tells them to choose their "swords".
The Kratt brothers visit the Island of Komodo to see the world's largest lizard.
While in India, the Kratts discover a sloth bear. But which is it - a bear or a sloth?
The Kratts discover all elephants have feelings, emotions, and real intelligence.
Oh no! Aviva's very important MicroXT Power Chips are missing!
The Kratts discover a band of wild ponies and reunite a young foal with his mother.
The Kratt brothers are determined to unravel the secret of the fire salamander.
The Kratt bros encounter a king cobra and put their cobra creature powers to the test.
While visiting India, Martin and Chris go off on a creature adventure to find the dhole.
Chris and Martin go off in search of the stealthiest, most powerful wildcat in the world!
The Kratts investigate the mystery of "lost" penguins in the Arctic.
The Wild Kratt bros split up to investigate the lives of being a predator and a prey.
The Kratt brothers disagree on what’s better: blue oceans or green forests.
The bros adventure with the Blue Whale and the Indri.
The team tries to show how the world's green and blue work together.
Aviva, Koki & Jimmy try to figure out how to get the bros working together again.
Aviva, Koki & Jimmy keep trying to get the bros working together again.
The Bro's and Aviva have no water left, luckily Backpack and Napsack find them.
Creature adventuring in the desert the gang comes along a mom and baby wild Camel
Jimmy and Koki are so hot trying to fix the Amphitrack when Donita and Dabio appear.
The team meet-up at the beach, where there are mysterious pods all over