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Ready Jet Go! is a PBS KIDS earth science and astronomy series for children ages 3-8. The series follows two neighborhood kids: Sean and Sydney, who befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family members happen to be aliens from the planet Bortron 7.
Ages: 3-8
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science

Jet and his friends take their skills to Space Camp and go on an intergalactic adventure!
Sean tells about the Apollo 11 moon landing
Jets sings a song about the super saucer he made
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Jet wants to do something special for Mother's Day / Sean's stuck inside with a cold.
Sunspot is acting weird. Is he sick? / Mindy wants to have a sleepover, but it's too cold!
The sun keeps hiding behind the clouds! / The Great Seanzo dazzles with magnet tricks!
It's Carrot's birthday! / The kids prepare posters for the Earth Day celebration.
The treehouse is a mess and there's no room to play! / Are clouds made of cotton candy?
Jet is fascinated by Earthie potatoes. / Jet sees his first rainbow.
Ellen Ochoa, a real-life astronaut, comes to visit the DSA!
Does the moon have a face? / Sydney tells the story about Boxwood Territory.
Sunspot needs to climb a mountain on Mars! / Jet and Sunspot play pirate.
A strange bird lands in Jet's yard. / Oh no! Sean's lost Neil Armstrong!
The kids are attempting to grow prize-winning pumpkins in the back yard.
The kids learn about seeing different colors in the dark. / The kids go to the beach!
Jet 2 is going to Mars! / The kids enter the neighborhood go-kart race.
The kids take a saucer tour around the Earth. / Sydney enters a story contest.
Jet learns about how wind works. / Jet learns how to play Earthie golf.
The kids join Celery in a space race./Sydney builds Sydney 2, a robot companion for Jet 2.
The kids experience an earthquake./Jet's overactive cousin, Zerk, comes to Earth to visit.
Celery has souped-up the family saucer. /Jet takes care of Mitchell’s dog for the weekend.
Mitchell helps build a weather observation station. / The kids prepare for the eclipse.
Mindy wants to keep the Sun from setting. / Galileo explains Earth's orbit around the sun.
Mindy and Carrot accidentally take off into space. / Mindy learns from Commander Cressida.
Jet and friends build a skating rink. / The gang makes a replica of the solar system.
Jet discovers that the Earth isn't the same season all at the same. /The kids shrink down.
Mindy has turned five and is super excited that she is now old enough to go to space!
Jet's in charge of the Christmas Pageant! / Jet is looking for the spirit of Christmas.
Mindy maps out where she's allowed to explore./Sydney tells Jet stories about "Lone Star."
The kids test whether there is sound in space. / The kids plan a "Day in Space" for Mindy.
Sean is scared of flying out to visit Neptune./The kids celebrate Jet's Earthday birthday.
The kids help get Mars Rover over a ravine. / Mindy thinks she's found her own star.
The kids learn about gravity. / Sydney takes her friends to visit her Mom at work.
Carrot is mistakenly left on the Moon! / The Propulsions learn about Earth storms.
Celery and Uncle Zucchini race. / Jet tests his experimental time machine.
Mindy is intrigued by Pluto's "heart" of ice./Sydney directs the kids in a backyard movie.
The kids try to build the tallest tower on the Moon. /The kids try to train Jet to behave.
The kids experience an eclipse. / Sean decides to try and live for a year "in space".
The kids start to clean up their space neighborhood. / Jet and Sean build paper airplanes.
The kids fix a TV satellite. / Jet and the gang gather for a "satellite selfie".
The kids try to dig into the Center of the Earth. / The kids investigate a strange smell.
After downloading a new operating system, the Propulsions's drive to Mars gets off track!
Jet enjoys his first Halloween. /Carrot and Celery create a haunted house in their garage.
Jet and the team prepare for a rough saucer landing on the moon
Celery sings the kids a song as they struggle to fall asleep.
The team enjoys a fun game of minature golf on the Moon!
Dr. Amy Mainzer teaches us about the importance of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.
The gang learns about Neil Armstrong and has a sleepover on the moon!
Jet can't find his jacket or wallet...or Jet 2. Luckily mom knows!
The kids go to Mars to pick up Jet 2 and find a Mars rock for Sean's Mother's Day gift.
Amy talks about rocks.
The kids show off their kites but find out that Sean is home sick.
The kids and Celery bring Sunspot up to the Sun in hopes he gets back to his old self.