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Kitchen Vignettes is a farm-to-table video blog by Aube Giroux. She is a passionate organic gardener and home cook who likes to share the stories of how food gets to our dinner plates. She won the Saveur Magazine's 2012 Best Food Blog award in the video category.

See why Panzanella has always been the perfect summer salad.
You might be surprised at your new favorite pizza topping.
Uncover the secret to exquisite, homemade yoghurt.
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You might be surprised at your new favorite pizza topping.
See why Panzanella has always been the perfect summer salad.
Uncover the secret to exquisite, homemade yoghurt.
Harvesting fiddleheads is a springtime tradition in Wabanaki culture.
Clafoutis is a classic French dessert, falling somewhere between a crepe and a quiche.
Discover this compound salad which assembles a little bit of everything from the garden.
See how John's brilliant garden nourishes his entire community.
See why people love to keep fire cider in stock during the cold Winter months.
A delicious and refreshing ice cream treat for a warm day!
One bite of these strawberry cream puffs will transport you to your happy place.
We're always told we need to eat more greens and this pie is packed with tons of them!
Sylvia’s wheat berry salad is a flavorful expression of self-sufficiency.
Who doesn’t love a good upside-down cake? Even better with rhubarb!
Winter gardening can provide a much-needed way to bring joy and color into our lives.
Watch the story behind a delicious fall comfort dish that's easy to make and nutritious.
If you’ve never tried this under-appreciated green, talk to Peter Barrett.
Maryline Damour’s ratatouille is a proud celebration of late Summer bounty.
This colorful summer salad celebrates radishes and whole oat berries.
Ramp pesto gives this babka a delicious flavor, reminiscent of garlic bread.
Enjoy an easy, comforting recipe from her farm: Polenta with Sautéed Greens and Eggs.
Discover the story behind Soup Joumou, the Haitian Independence Soup.
Apple pie is a great way to appreciate the incredible variety of this glorious fruit.
This succotash is an exuberant celebration of summer’s abundance.
This simple, yet oh so flavorful recipe showcases the brilliance of asparagus.
These pickled sunchokes are simple to make and are a great addition to salads and tacos.
Custardy on the inside, crispy on the outside, okonomiyaki are the ultimate comfort food.
Dilly beans are zesty and crispy, with an irresistible twang of salty, garlicky vinegar.
Meet Karen Washington, an award-winning urban gardener, community activist and farmer.
Transform a humble head of greens into something a bit more intriguing.
These spruce tree shortbread cookies will make you feel Christmassy!
If pumpkin pie slipped on a silky ballgown, this dessert would be the result.
This cake calls for a whopping cup of basil! Garnish with some berries or fresh basil.
This luscious little salad delivers serious crunch.
Serve lemon balm shortbread with some tea and you’ve got yourself a decadent afternoon.
Spring-dug parsnips are coveted for their unique sweetness and depth of flavor.
There’s some kind of magic that happens when you combine whipped cream and maple syrup.
Crespelle is a traditional Italian dish featuring crepes served in a hot chicken broth.
Christmas morning is the perfect time for a warm, homemade sweet bread.
These buttercup squash fries are very similar in taste and texture to sweet potato fries.
Slata Mechouia is a staple of Tunisian cuisine featuring stovetop roasted veggies.
James Beard Award submission for PBS Food's Kitchen Vignettes web series.
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