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Nature Cat is a new animated series designed to encourage kids to explore and develop connections with the natural world. The show follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, "backyard explorer extraordinaire!"
Ages: 6-8
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science

Nature Cat and his pals realize they've come to the end of their Nature Curiosity List.
Nature Cat and his pals sing about their new movie special.
Streaming Now! Nature Cat's Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire
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Nature Cat nature chats all about trees!
Nature Cat nature chats all about bees!
Nature Cat nature chats all about food waste!
Nature Cat nature chats all about heat waves!
Nature Cat nature chats all about taking action in nature!
Nature Cat nature chats all about droughts!
Nature Cat nature chats all about hurricanes!
Nature Cat nature chats all about upcycling!
Tally ho! Nature Cat nature chats all about composting food scraps into wonderful soil!
Nature Cat nature chats all about midges!
ATV riders ruin the gang’s day while hiking./The crew splits up after an argument.
The pals search for the mom of baby bunnies./Backyard bouncy castles block wildlife's path
Monstrous pumpkins haunt Hugo the goose’s farm./Nature Cat learns all about catfish.
The crew try to save the kelp forests from being eaten./The pals fly to Mars.
Nature Cat build with snow./ The gang battles a hurricane.
The crew helps a queen bee./The gang learns the history of an old tree.
The crew needs to find a way to pull parade floats./The gang searches for Hal’s pond pal.
The pals find the perfect cactus for a film. / The crew brings Hugo’s farm back to life.
Brooks the bird flies into a window. / The gang wishes away all the wolves.
The crew repairs a habitat near the forest./The gang wonders if animals play in the wild.
The gang replants their favorite sunflower./The crew uncovers the mystery of mossy trees.
The gang tries to stay cool during a heat wave./The crew plays a game with a screech owl.
The gang unravels the mystery of petrified wood./The pals go shopping for a new clubhouse.
Moss Queen Squeeks doesn’t want to come home./Leaf blowers ruin everyday life in the park.
The gang gets to know a daddy longlegs./The crew has to stop a moon-munching monster.
The gang helps deliver a letter in the city./Can the gang stop Evil Houston?
The gang learns about dams./A bird drops a little oyster named Elroy on Nature Cat's head.
Hal and the gang search for the Leaf Fairy./Nature Cat's waterskiing trip is interrupted.
Squeeks tries to find her magnifying glass./Daisy chases a sweet scent.
The gang discovers nature’s songs in the woods./Nature Cat’s brand-new cat toy is missing!
Nature Cat's new neighbor is a dog named Pearl./ Why aren't Petunia's green beans growing?
Hal finds a lone bird’s egg in the woods. / It’s time for the Crow-lympics!
Nature Cat hikes with his Norwegian Navy Wrench. / Nature Cat explores a new trail.
Nature Cat meets Bridget the hermit crab. / Nature Cat goes to a strawberry farm.
Ronald wants to visit Yellowstone Park. / Oh no, it's raining outside!
Nature Cat and the gang go to the Grand Canyon. / Time for the Strongest Show on Earth!
The gang visits Niagara Falls. / Nature Cat runs out of energy! Oh no!
Welcome to the Amateur Volcanologist Club! / Squeeks says she doesn’t need sleep.
Nature Cat wants go see the Colossal Cat Monument! / It’s time for the Bugaboo Bash! /
Squeeks finds a patch of weird mushrooms. / Happy midsummer!
Nature Cat and his pals are visited by King Galahad and his Royal Valet.
King Galahad enlists the help of Houston to help solve his royal predicament.
Nature Cat confronts King Galahad and tells him why he needs to stop taking from nature.
Nature Cat and his pals sing about protecting nature.
Nature Cat and his pals have no idea why parts of nature keep disappearing.
Nature Cat and friends sing songs about Trees!
Nature Cat and friends share songs about Water!
Nature Cat and friends share songs about Rocks!
Nature Cat and friends sing about Plants and Vegetables!
Nature Cat and the gang learn about animals.