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WordGirl enriches young audiences’ vocabulary, closes the gap for those who don’t grow up in language-rich environments, instills a love of language, and fosters better reading comprehension. Ages: 4-8 Educational Goal: Language and Literacy

Violet becomes "The Framer."/ Mr. Big rigs Businesspaloozafest.
Becky has her first slumber party./Beatrice Bixby is Lady Redundant Woman.
Dr. 2-Brains invents a shrink ray. / Tobey interrupts the Botsford's shopping trip.
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Becky has had enough of Seymour's tricks!/Beatrice Bixby makes a painting come to life.
Violet becomes "The Framer."/ Mr. Big rigs Businesspaloozafest.
Two best friends try to pull off their biggest heist./Chuck is under house arrest.
Chuck teams up with his brother to organize robberies./WordGirl tries to take down Granny.
Becky has her first slumber party./Beatrice Bixby is Lady Redundant Woman.
Dr. 2-Brains invents a shrink ray. / Tobey interrupts the Botsford's shopping trip.
A new villainous duo arrive in the city for a crime spree/Can Rhyme and Reason be stopped?
Can WordGirl find a way to stop the bragging Bests? / Becky has trouble understanding art.
Tim becomes the Neighborhood Assistant. / Becky hears about a new Pretty Princess episode.
Will Rose uncover Becky's secret identity? / Art is not Becky's strong suit.
Becky realizes that her family has special powers. / Becky attends the Rare Penny Exhibit.
TJ entered himself in the school writing contest. / Will WordGirl stop Seymour Smooth?
Dr. Two-Brains reveals his latest crime. / Will Dr. Two-Brains freeze the city forever?
Tobey sends his robots out to destroy the library. / Will Scoops reveal Becky's secret?
Mr. Big unveils his latest mind control scheme. / Can Becky make things right with TJ?
It’s the 129th Annual Botsford Family BBQ. /Mr. Big begins his latest mind control scheme.
Becky, Violet and TJ set up a tent in the backyard. / Can WordGirl stop Chuck in time?
Becky inherits her mom's old accordion. / The Botsfords stumble across WordGirl’s hideout.
TJ and Johnson imagine what WordGirl would do. / Granny May is a star of a new show.
Lady Redundant Woman brings Royal Dandy to life. / Will Tobey destroy the candy factory?
Becky and her dad try to break a world record. / Can WordGirl defeat the Butcher in time?
Mr. Botsford gets a job as a substitute teacher./It’s a beach day for heroes and villains.
WordGirl and TJ become glued together. / Becky has to take home the class pet.
Will Becky's desire to win get the better of her? / Will Chuck get away with his crimes?
Becky uses her superpowers to hide a mess. / Chuck causes trouble near Violet’s art stand.
Mrs. Botsford gets zapped by Ms. Question./Victoria Best hatches a plan to steal a trophy.
The Botsfords entertain two special guests. / The Butcher judges a singing competition.
Becky can't stand losing to TJ or the Butcher. / Dr. Two-Brains inflates WordGirl's size.
Becky isn't invited to Katy's birthday party./Becky reluctantly attends a Funbots concert.
Dr. Two Brains strikes during Botsford family time. / Eileen cheats against TJ at golf.
WordGirl is asked to give an inspirational speech./Mr. Big's harnesses squishy bunny ears.
A superhero from another planet needs a few pointers about being a superhero on Earth.
TJ and Johnson compete to be WordGirl's #1 fan. / WordGirl calls on TJ to save the day.
A new, mysterious object claims to know the future. /The Botsfords hunt for an ingredient.
Ms. Question teams up with Invisi-Bill. / TJ is impressed by the new kid in town.
Dr. Two Brains finds a new sidekick. / The Butcher and Chuck take on feline alter-egos.
Chuck is jealous when Brent hangs out with Mr. Big. / The Whammer looks for a new career.
Mr. Big and Dr. Two Brains team up to turn everyone in town into mind-controlled zombies.
Huggy shares a pamphlet full of secret battle moves with WordGirl, but will it be enough?
Miss Power takes the bullying thing way too far. /WordGirl needs to stop Miss Power, fast!
Summer fun starts with Wordgirl with new episodes every Friday.
Johnson doesn't know what "amusing" means. Luckily, Becky can define it for him.
WordGirl tells her new friends what "reminisce" means.
Rose needs a lot of details if she wants to report that Becky Botsford is WordGirl.
Becky will not let Rex get dehydrated, which means "low on water."
WordGirl explains to Chuck what "tranquil" means.
WordGirl finds a pineapple. Eureka!
Chuck said someone called his sandwich "repulsive," but he doesn't know what that means.
Becky realizes that she's had many triumphs after she understands what "triumph" means.
WordGirl thinks artists are trying to be evasive, but what does "evasive" even mean?