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It follows the adventures of Xavier, Yadina and Brad as they tackle everyday problems by doing something extraordinary: traveling back in time to learn from real-life inspirational figures when they were kids - like Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson and more!

James Braidwood shapes up the fire fighters through practice and teamwork to be prepared.
Jules Leotard explains that it's okay to feel two conflicting emotions at the same time.
Dorothy Levitt shows Xavier to start with the basics when learning a new skill.
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Yadina learns that she can be more than one thing./The trio learn about creative thinking.
Brad learns that being prepared can help him stay calm./The trio meet Queen Lili’uokalani
Louis Braille explains there are many ways to read./The trio builds a unique treehouse.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires Yadina to realize that she has the power to create change.
Xavier creates new music for a dance party./Yadina and Xavier help Brad feel better.
Brad learns that asking questions can help./Yadina learns how to overcome a challenge.
Brad learns that doing something well takes time./ Xavier learns to start with the basics
Bessie Coleman teaches Yadina how to keep going./The trio meets King Sejong the Great.
Xavier learn that asking questions can be exciting./Feeling many emotions is normal.
Yadina learns that music can help unite people./Xavier's imagination helps his loneliness.
Fredrick Douglass shows Yadina and Xavier that asking questions can help us learn.
Inspired by Sacagawea, our trio use their imaginations to create a brand new game.
The team learns about perseverance, which means to stick with something and not give up.
Confucius helps Yadina show compassion to make someone’s day extra special.
George Washington Carver shows Xavier how being responsible means people can count on you.
Harriet shows Brad that with courage, he can support Yadina and even make a new friend.
Abraham Lincoln who shows us how important it is to always be honest.
Abigail Adams shows Yadina that being grateful is being thankful for what you have.
Our heroes meet Indian dancer, Rukmini./Our heroes meet beloved painter Bob Ross.
Our heroes meet one of the most beloved children’s entertainers, Fred Rogers.
Our heroes meet the traveler Ibn Battuta./Our heroes meet inventor Beulah Louis Henry.
Xavier, Yadina, and Brad go back in time and meet Kohonasheg. / Our heores meet Sacajawea.
The kids meet explorer Sir Edmund Hillary. / The kids meet performer Celia Cruz.
Yadina meets Abraham Lincoln./Jane Jacobs teaches the kids to consider everyone's needs.
Albert Einstein teaches Xavier to ask questions. / Carol Burnett teaches Yadina to laugh.
The kids meet James Naismith and Temple Grandin.
The kids meet Jesse Owens and Ella Fitzgerald.
Improvement with Wilma Rudolph. / Helping others with Jonas Salk.
The gang learns about fairness and equality from Rosa Parks and Thurgood Marshall.
Harriet Tubman shows Xavier, Yadina and Brad what it truly means to be a hero.
The kids meet Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe.
The kids are inspired by Mary Anning and Charlie Chaplin.
The kids meet Confucius and Sacagawea.
Xavier, Yadina and Brad meet Cesar Chavez. / Our heroes meet Dolores Huerta.
Our heroes solve problems with Kate Warne and gather clues with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Scientist Louis Pasteur helps Xavier. / Brad learns about nature from Rachel Carson.
Using words for good with Maya Angelou. / Learning with Frederick Douglass.
Thinking big with Nikola Tesla. / Being bold with Nellie Bly.
Lou Gehrig helps them focus on the good stuff. / Marie Owens shows how to solve problems.
Theodore Roosevelt teaches about nature. / Eleanor Roosevelt teaches about helping others.
The trio find out who they are visiting this episode and Xavier explains what BCE means.
Yadina speaks to Hedy Lamarr about her difficult decision between two career paths.
Xavier frets as Yadina and Brad leave him alone with no kids his age to play with.
Suddenly left alone, Xavier turns to his imagination to keep himself company.
Alvin Ailey explains what he hopes to do with music and dance.
The trio learn that sometimes being a good leader requires you to make tough decisions.
Brad is worried about the level of responsibility there is in looking after the class pet!
Eugenie Clark shows Brad that asking questions can help him feel less afraid.
Grandmaster Flash shows Xavier that to create new music he needs to experiment!
Mary Seacole shows Xavier and Yadina that there are many ways to help Brad feel better.
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