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Elinor models the foundational practices of science inquiry and engineering design -- including her amazing powers of observation and willingness to ask questions and investigate. When she encounters something she doesn’t understand, like why birds have feathers or how tiny ants build massive anthills, she just can’t let it go until she figures it out.

Elinor, Ari, and Olive notice that birds fly at different heights for different reasons.
Mr. Beaver shows Elinor, Olive, and Ari how he makes crayons with wax and dye.
The kids observe a lizard eating and sing about how it's good to eat different foods!
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Elinor and friends try to build their own nest./Elinor and friends learn about eating different food
The kids take a field trip to a Cloud Forest./The kids learn how crayons are made.
Elinor learns about forest fires./Ari’s upset because Miri gets all the attention.
Elinor and her friends learn about germs./Ari has a loose tooth!
Olive gets inspired to play the violin./The kids fly high in a hot air balloon.
The kids learn what makes food spicy./Ari plays baseball a little too much.
The kids surprise Mz. Mole for Teacher’s Day./A pig named Rudy uses his nose to find truffles.
Elinor's new fish friend has grown legs! / The kids come up with a special dance routine.
The kids investigate a mysterious drumming sound. /The kids wonder why they need to sleep.
Elinor learns about how birds forage for food./Elinor gives Señor Tapir a going away gift.
The kids learn about moths. / The kids learn that certain fruits grow in certain seasons.
Ari and Olive make Backyard Soup for Elinor. / Elinor learns about dandelions.
Olive wants to have a party with real butterflies! / The kids learn about spiderwebs.
The kids help Hazel grow a garden./Elinor and the Exploring Club play music in the forest.
Olive has too many books! / The kids make a Nature Walk for Nature Day.
The kids learn how Ari and other bats hear so well./The kids wonder how some animals hear.
The kids meet Gael the Lynx, who runs really fast. / Ari makes a new friend named Rocky.
Nature is full of colors you can use to paint! / The kids help pick up litter in the park.
Jorge and Elinor explore why moths have different colors and designs on their wings.
When Olive gets a case of the hiccups, she and Jorge find out if all animals get hiccups.
Jorge and Olive explore the world of flowers and the reasons why they are so colorful.
Jorge and Elinor learn about flies and how they can fly around without getting dizzy.
Jorge and Elinor look at leaves and find out why some of them change color in the Fall.
Ari gives Jorge the inside scoop on why bats like to hang upside down.
The kids learn about smells. /Elinor teaches Camilla Dromedary how colorful Nature can be.
The kids visit huge trees in the sequoia forest./Elinor and Ari try to teach Miri to walk.
The kids learn about honey bees. / The kids learn about turtle eggs.
The kids learn about webbed feet. /It's Elinor's Dad's birthday and they're going camping.
Jorge and Elinor explore to see why and how caterpillars transform into butterflies.
Jorge and Ari take a look at how cheetahs are able to run so fast!
Elinor visits her grandparents in the desert./Olive shows her friends her favorite tree.
What happens to fish in a lake when it freezes?/Ari forgets where he hid his treasure.
A class plant grows in an unusual shape./Insect Day is coming up at school.
The kids have never seen a baby butterfly./Elinor and friend put on a circus.
Elinor, Ari and Olive cross a stream. / Why do we blink?
The Exploring Club explores under a log. / Why does it need to rain?
Why do we sneeze? / Ari's lucky shirt is too small.
Señor Tapir is putting on a concert. / The kids are having a backyard camp out.
Elinor loves making “Backyard Soup."/Elinor and her friends are selling cupcakes.
Elinor is playing Hide-And-Go-Seek./Elinor needs a costume for Costume Day.
Elinor and Olive face a fear of heights and take a ride in Ms. Mole's hot air balloon.
Elinor, Ari, and Olive follow a cricket outside to figure out why it makes noise.
Elinor, Olive, and Ari take inspiration from a family of ducks to make their own nest.
Elinor, Olive, Ari, and Koa find and observe a hungry lizard together.
With inspiration from different birds, Elinor, Ari, and Olive make their own nest.
When Olive plays violin for Elinor and Ari, she gets interrupted by a mysterious sound.
Ms. Beaver shows Elinor, Ari, and Olive how to make a strawberry smoothie - yum!
Elinor and Olive sing to Ari about how it's important to get rest to be strong.
On the search for fungi, the kids sing a song about the importance of our sense of smell!
Elinor, Ari, Olive, and Siggy sneak by Ms. Mole to surprise her for Teachers Day.